Jazib Qureshi

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Jazib Qureshi
جاذب قریشی
Born (1940-08-03) 3 August 1940 (age 76)
Lucknow, British India
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Poet, Critic

Jazib Qureshi (Urdu: جاذب قریشی‎) (born 3 August 1940) is a prominent Urdu poet, writer and critic from Pakistan.[1][2][3] He has written many poetry books and works of criticism.[4]


Back ground[edit]

Qureshi was born on 3 August 1940 in Luchnow, India, where he spent his childhood.[4] When he was six, his father died. As a result, he could not study further and worked hard for his living.[4] He migrated with his family to Lahore, Pakistan, in 1950.[4] He gained work in the press. He recommenced his studies and began writing poetry, attending literary gatherings and reading his poetry.[4] His first literary gathering was in the Shahi Qila, chaired by famous poet Ehsan Danish.[4]

Qureshi was helped to write poetry by Shakir Dehlavi, who belonged to Dagh Dehlavi school of thought.[4] Qureshi moved to Karachi in 1962,[4] he worked in different magazines and newspapers.[4] He qualified for master's degree from University of Karachi.[4] Later he became a teacher in a college.[4] He also made a feature film, "Pathar Kay Sanam", but it failed to gain a public response and experienced a financial loss.[4]

Literary career[edit]

Qureshi has written many books.[4] His first work of literary criticism was published in 1982,[4] and he also published poetry and prose books.[4] He is an admiredable poet at the literary gatherings.[4] As a poet and writer he has visited 35 cities across the United States,[4] and he has also visited Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi several times.[4]


  • Takhleeqi Awaz تخلیقی آواز[4]
  • Ankh aur Charagh آنکھ اور چراغ
  • Shairee aur Tehzeeb شاعری اور تہذیب
  • Doosray Kinaray Tuk دوسرے کنارے تک
  • Meri TehreeraiN میری تحریریں[4]
  • Mein nay Yeh Jana میں نے یہ جانا
  • Pehchan پہچان
  • Neend ka Reshum نیند کا ریشم
  • Sheeshay ka Darakht شیشے کا درخت
  • Ashoab e JaN آشوب جاں
  • Ujlee AwazaiN اجلی آوازیں
  • Shakasta Uks شکستہ عکس
  • Shanasaii شناسائی
  • Jhernay جھرنے
  • AqeedataiN عقیدتیں
  • Mujhay Yad Haiمجھے یاد ہے
  • Naat kay Jadeed Rung نعت کے جدید رنگ
  • Meri Shairee Meri Musavari میری شاعری، میری مصوری[4]

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