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Al-Jazira (الجزيرة) meaning "the island" in Arabic, properly transliterated as al-jazīrah / al-jazīra / al-ǧazīrah.

Other possible transcriptions include Jazeera, Jazira, Jazeerah, Gezirah, Gazirah, Gazira, Gazeera, Gazeerah, Gezeerah. The Arabic definite article al is not always included, but if it is included, it may then be perceived as incorrect to say "the al Jazira" (two definite articles), except where the al is treated as part of the brand name: "the Al Jazeera TV channel".

Jazira and its variants, with or without the article "al", may refer to:



  • Al Jazeera, a major Arabic television network and channel, based in Qatar
    • Al Jazeera English, the Al Jazeera network's English 24-hour news channel, based in Qatar, Malaysia, the UK, and the US
  • Aljazeera Magazine, a London-based magazine published by Aljazeera Publishing
  • Al Jazirah, a Saudi daily newspaper