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Jazz™ apple
Scifresh 13.01.2013 13-21-39.jpg
Genus Malus
Species Malus domestica
Hybrid parentage 'Braeburn' × 'Gala'
Cultivar 'Scifresh'
Origin New Zealand, 1985
fruit and crosssection

Jazz is a trademarked brand of the 'Scifresh' cultivar of domesticated apple.[1]

'Scifresh' is a cross between 'Royal Gala' and Braeburn. It was developed in New Zealand as part of a collaboration between apple marketer ENZA, orchardists, and the Plant & Food Research institute. The original cross was made in 1985 on trees at Goddard Lane, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.[2][3] It launched commercially in April 2004.

Jazz™ apples are somewhat variable in shape.

It is hard and crisp but juicy. The color is flushes of red and maroon over shades of green, yellow and orange.[4]

Growers produce Jazz apples under licence in New Zealand, UK, United States, Australia, France, Chile, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.[citation needed] Grown in the northern and southern hemispheres, it is available all year round.[5]


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