Jazz (soft drink)

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Diet Pepsi Jazz logo.png
Diet Pepsi Jazz.jpg
TypeDiet Cola
Country of originUSA
VariantsBlack Cherry & French Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Caramel Cream

Diet Pepsi Jazz was a brand of soda introduced by the Pepsi company in 2006 and discontinued in 2009. It was a specifically named variant of Pepsi's popular Diet Pepsi product, combining several different flavors.

There were three different kinds available: Jazz with Black Cherry and French Vanilla, Jazz with Strawberries and Cream, and Caramel Cream.

Jazz used the 2003 Pepsi logo.

Pepsi Jazz is mentioned in the motion picture The Promotion as John C. Reilly is setting up a soda display.


Black Cherry and French Vanilla

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