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Photo Hreinn Gudlaugsson
Background information
Origin Copenhagen, Denmark
Genres Contemporary jazz
Years active 2005–present
Labels Herman Records
Website Official website
Members Morten Schantz
Marius Neset
Daniel Heløy Davidsen
Kristor Brødsgaard
Anton Eger
JazzKamikaze during their 10 years anniversary concert in 2016
Photo Hreinn Gudlaugsson

JazzKamikaze (established 2005 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is an award winning Contemporary jazz band with members from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, known for a series of albums and appearances on international jazz festivals like the North Sea Jazz Festival and Moldejazz.[1]


It is not easy to describe their music, but it can be said that they play a mix of be-bop, funk, fusion, rock and hip-hop. In Norway they have appeared at Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Moldejazz and internationally at North Sea Jazz Festival, Bangkok Jazz Festival, Rochester Jazz Festival as well as being part of the opening of the annual Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.[2]

Moldejazz presented the band in 2008 as:

... These are young musicians who offer themselves and their talent without significant backpacks and traditions,
where Coltrane and Coldplay are playing hide and seek with each other - and often Genesis and Radiohead lurks in the wings....[3]


  • 2005: Ung Jazz award of the JazzDanmark[4]
  • 2005: Young Nordic Jazz Comets[1][5][6]


  • 2005: Mission I, (Stunt Records)[6]
  • 2007: Travelling at the speed of sound, (Stunt Records)
  • 2008: Emergin pilots EP, (SevenSeas Music)
  • 2009: The revolution's in your hands EP, (SevenSeas Music)
  • 2010: Supersonic revolutions, (SevenSeas Music)[1]
  • 2012: The Return of JazzKamikaze (Stunt Records)[2]


Photos: Hreinn Gudlaugsson



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