Jazzology Records

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Jazzology Records
Parent companyJazzology/George H. Buck Foundation
Founded1949 (1949)
FounderGeorge H. Buck, Jr.
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana
Official websitewww.jazzology.com

Jazzology Records is an American jazz record company and label. It is part of the Jazzology group of labels owned and operated by the George H. Buck Jr. Jazz Foundation.

Jazzology Records was founded in 1949 by George H. Buck, Jr. That year he recorded Art Hodes, Wild Bill Davison, and Tony Parenti. Buck didn't record again until 1954, when he created his GHB Records label to concentrate on Dixieland jazz. Over time he released music on other labels that he acquired: American Music Records, Audiophile, Black Swan, Circle, Progressive, Solo Art, and Southland.[1]



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