Jbel Kissane

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Jbel Kissane
جبل كيسان
Jbel kissane-rosino.jpg
View of Jbel Kissane
Highest point
Elevation1,485 m (4,872 ft)
Coordinates30°42′10″N 06°19′41″W / 30.70278°N 6.32806°W / 30.70278; -6.32806Coordinates: 30°42′10″N 06°19′41″W / 30.70278°N 6.32806°W / 30.70278; -6.32806
Jbel Kissane is located in Morocco
Jbel Kissane
Jbel Kissane
Parent rangeAnti-Atlas
First ascentUnknown
Easiest routeFrom Agdz

Mount Kissane (Jbel Kissane) is a mountain in southeastern Morocco, in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet. It is a distinctive mountain located in the Anti-Atlas range along the valley of the Draa River.[1]


The word Kissane كيسان means "glasses" in Arabic and the mountain is so named because it is deemed to look like the glasses of tea behind a tea pot in the Moroccan style of serving tea.(source?)


Mount Kissane is a small rocky mountain range with a synclinal pattern.[2] It has a length of 14 km and a maximum width of about 1.8 km. On the top of the mountain there are two ridges cut by a ravine in the middle. There are several peaks; the highest summit is located at the western end of the range, reaching 1485 m.[3]

Importance in the region[edit]

The Jbel Kissane is a characteristic mountain whose shape dominates the eastern landscape of the town of Agdz. Its bare rock takes a variety of pastel hues such as pink, salmon and violet, depending from the angle of the sunlight and the time of the day.[4] It is as well a dominant feature of the panoramic views from nearby villages such as Ouliz, Taliouine, Ait Ali, Tinfoula, Aremd, Tisserghate, Ait el Kharj, Igamodene, Tamnougalt, Talate, Talamzit, Timiderte, Ighrghr and Afra.[5]


Looking east at Jbel Kissane from Agdz at sunset
Landscape with the Jbel Kissane in the background
View of Jebel Kissane from the road


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