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This is a Korean name; the family name is Kim.
37.2 JEA.jpg
JeA performing at Brown Eyed Girls' concert "Tonight 37.2°C" in December 2012.
Native name 김효진
Born Kim Hyo-jin
(1981-09-18) September 18, 1981 (age 35)[1]
Seoul, South Korea
Years active 2006–present
Height 158.9 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Religion Catholic
Musical career
Associated acts Brown Eyed Girls
JeA's Signature, 2007.png

Kim Hyo-jin (born September 18, 1981), better known by her stage name JeA[2][3] is a South Korean singer and songwriter. She is best known as the leader of South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls.[4] As a solo artist, she has contributed numerous songs to various soundtracks.[5][6][7]


JeA in 2013


Before her debut in Brown Eyed Girls, JeA, then known simply by her name Kim Hyo-jin was a member of the original soundtrack group 3point and had previously been singing original soundtracks.

Brown Eyed Girls[edit]

Main article: Brown Eyed Girls

JeA is the one responsible for the creation of Brown Eyed Girls and was actively involved in the selection of the other members besides herself. The four members - JeA, Narsha, Ga In and Miryo - performed several small shows under the name "Crescendo" before officially debuting as Brown Eyed Girls in 2006. JeA is the leader and main vocalist of the group.

Solo career[edit]

JeA released her first solo album, "Just JeA", in 2013. She is the last of the members of Brown Eyed Girls to release a solo album. Aside from being a singer she's also a composer and producer. She started composing for her group with their second album and later on wrote songs for other artists also. She expanded her resume by trying her hand on producing with the Brown Eyed Girls' The Original and her solo album.

Personal life[edit]

A representative of Brown Eyed Girls’ agency, Nega Network, confirmed that JeA has been dating YG Entertainment producer Choi Pil Kang (also known as PK) for 3 years.[8][9] The next day, JeA confirmed and released a letter to her fans on Twitter.[10]

Song writing[edit]

JeA is an avid songwriter, and has written many song for herself, Brown Eyed Girls and other artists.

List of songs written by JeA[edit]

Year Artist Title Lyrics Composition
2006 Brown Eyed Girls "Far Away (feat. MC Mong)" Yes No
2007 "최면" (Hypnosis) No Yes
2009 "잘할게요" (JeA's Wedding Song) Yes Yes
Gain, Jo Kwon "우리 사랑하게 됐어요" (We Fell In Love) No Yes
2010 Miryo, JeA "Love Is..." No Yes
2011 Brown Eyed Girls "불편한 진실" (An Inconvenient Truth) Yes Yes
2012 "한 여름 밤의 꿈" (A Midsummer Night's Dream) No Yes
B1A4 "Be My Girl (Jinyoung solo)" Yes Yes
2013 JeA "안아보자 (feat. Jeong Yeop)" (Let's Hug) No Yes
Ailee "열애설" (Scandal) No Yes
Brown Eyed Girls "After Club" No Yes
"날아갈래" (I'm Going to Fly) No Yes
M&N "오늘밤" (Tonight) No Yes



Title Album details Peak positions Sales
Just JeA 4 18

Released singles[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2010 "Because You Sting" (니가 따끔거려서)
(with G.O of MBLAQ)
12 non-album Release
2012 "Let's Hug" (안아보자)
(with Jeong Yeop of Browneyed Soul)
5 5 Just JeA
2013 "While You're Sleeping" (그대가 잠든 사이) 28 36
2016 "Bad Girl" (나쁜 여자)
(with Jeong Yeop of Browneyed Soul)
non-album Release
"Winter, It's You" (겨울 너야) non-album Release


Year Album Artist Title Album
2006 JeA & Yeonji (SeeYa) "The Day" To My Lover
"Love" (정)
2009 Someday "Did You Know (Duet Ver.)" (알고 있나요)
(Someday ft. JeA)
Ties (인연)
2010 Cho PD "La La Land" (랄라랜드)
(Cho PD feat. Narsha and JeA of Brown Eyed Girls)
Non-album release
Brown Eyed Girls "Love Is..."
(JeA & Miryo)
SIGN (Japanese single)
Film (Film Rattapoom) "Face 2 Face"
(Film ft. JeA)
2012 B1A4 "Be My Girl"
(Jinyoung solo - feat. JeA of Brown Eyed Girls)
In the Wind

OST songs[edit]

as Kim Hyo-jin[edit]

Year Title Drama/Movie
2003 "Please Stay By My Side" (내 곁에 남아달라고)
(with Guk Tae Ha)
Escape from Unemployment
"I Told You I Love You" (사랑한다고 말했잖아요) Bodyguard
"Invisible Love" (보이지 않는 사랑) Garden of Eve
2004 "Feeling of Love" (사랑느낌) Lovers in Paris

as H.J[edit]

Year Title Drama/Movie
2006 "Prayer" (기도) Tree of Heaven

as JeA of Brown Eyed Girls[edit]

Year Title Drama/Movie
2007 "Have Sorrow" (애상가) The King and I
2008 "Hateful Love" (미운 사랑)
(with Black Pearl)
East of Eden
"Much Love" (다애/多愛) The Kingdom of The Winds
2010 "Harmony" (하모니)
(with Lee Young Hyun of Big Mama)
"Stray Child" (미아) The Slave Hunters
"Poison" The Fugitive: Plan B
2011 "Fool For You" (그대 바보) Padam Padam
2012 "Because of You" (너 때문에) History of a Salaryman
2013 "Secret Note" (비밀노트) When a Man Falls in Love
2016 "Want it" (원해)(with ZoPD) Sweet Stranger and Me


Variety shows[edit]

Year Title Network Notes
2015 Hello Counselor KBS2 Episode 249 (with Brown Eyed Girls)
2016 Happy Together KBS2 Episode 453
King of Mask Singer MBC Contestant as "Bangkok Friends Fan" (episodes 69 and 70)


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