Je Suis Auto

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Je Suis Auto
Movie poster of "Je Suis Auto" (2019), version 1.0.jpg
Movie poster of "Je Suis Auto", version 1.0
Directed byJuliana Neuhuber
Screenplay byJohannes Grenzfurthner
Produced by
CinematographyThomas Weilguny
Edited byEstelle Hödl
Music by
  • Mark Cobrin
  • Michael Donaldson
  • Daniel Hasibar
  • Jimmy Lee
Distributed bymonochrom

Je Suis Auto is an upcoming Austrian social science fiction indie comedy film directed by Juliana Neuhuber[1] and written by Johannes Grenzfurthner. Chase Masterson is voicing the title character "Auto", a self-driving taxi,[2]. Johannes Grenzfurthner plays Herbie Fuchsel, an unemployed nerd critical of artificial intelligence. The film is a farcical comedy that deals with issues such as artificial intelligence, politics of labor, and tech culture.[3][4][5]

The film is distributed by monochrom.[6][7]


The film's plot is currently unknown, but it is confirmed that the story starts with an ill-tempered mafioso who needs to deliver a suitcase full of money. He enters a self-driving taxi[8] to get to his destination but doesn't know that his ride is ontologically challenged.


The film features several cameo appearances by Austrian media personalities such as Chris Lohner, Eva Billisich, Conny Lee, and Joesi Prokopetz.[9]


In June 2018, monochrom announced at their event monocon[10] that they are working on a new science fiction comedy film.

The script was written by Grenzfurthner, who has been working in the field of artificial intelligence and art before, for example lecturing at the Royal United Services Institute,[11][12] or by publishing books about the subject.[13]

Principal photography on the film began in August 2018, in cooperation with the production team of Traum und Wahnsinn. Directory of Photography was Thomas Weilguny, with whom Neuhuber and Grenzfurthner have frequently worked.[14][15]

Chase Masterson recorded her voice part in Vienna in November 2018.


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