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Je te veux ("I Want You") is a song composed by Erik Satie to a text by Henry Pacory. A sentimental waltz with erotic lyrics, it was written for Paulette Darty, whose accompanist Satie had been for a period of time. The text consists of two verses and a repeated chorus.

The song was registered with SACEM on 20 November 1902, but Roland-Manuel argued it had actually been composed in 1897. Satie composed various versions of the "Je te veux" waltz: for piano and voice, for an orchestra of brass instruments, and for full orchestra (including a trio). The piano and voice version was first published in 1903.[1] The composer later arranged the work for solo piano, adding a middle section between the second chorus and the second verse.[citation needed]

The melody was performed to the public in 1903, at La Scala (not the Milan music hall), then a popular cabaret in Paris. In 1925, the song was recorded with Yvonne George as singer. "Je te veux" was also recorded by Mathé Altéry, Régine Crespin, Gigliola Negri, Nicolaï Gedda, and Davide Bassino, and later by sopranos Jessye Norman, Marie Devellereaum and Angela Gheorghiu.

Jazz vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant performed the song on Jacky Terrasson's 2012 album Gouache.[2] John Cage instructs the performer to do the piano and voice version as part of his "Sonnekus²".[3]


Words of Je te Veux [4] 

J'ai compris ta détresse
Cher amoureux
Et je cède à tes voeux
Fais de moi ta maîtresse
Loin de nous la sagesse
Plus de tristesse
J'aspire à l'instant précieux
Où nous serons heureux
Je te veux

Je n'ai pas de regrets
Et je n'ai qu'une envie
Près de toi là tout près
Vivre toute ma vie
Que mon cœur soit le tien
Que ta lèvre soit mienne
Que ton corps soit le mien
Et que toute ma chair soit tienne


Oui je vois dans tes yeux
La divine promesse
Que ton cœur amoureux
Vient chercher ma caresse
Enlacés pour toujours
Brûlant des mêmes flammes
Dans un rêve d'amour
Nous échangerons nos deux âmes



I understand your distress
Dear lover
And I yield to your wishes
Make me your mistress
Far from us is wisdom
No more sadness
I look forward to the beautiful moment
When we will be happy
I want you

I have no regrets
And I have only one desire
Beside you there so close
To live all my life
May my heart be yours
May your lips be mine
May your body be mine
And may all my flesh be yours


Yes I see in your eyes
The divine promise
That your loving heart
Comes looking for my caress
Joined forever
Burning in the same flames
In a dream of love
We will swap our two souls


Cover of the original 1903 sheet music for Je te veux


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"Je te veux" sung by Yvonne George