Jealous (Dir En Grey song)

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Deg jealous.jpg
Single by DIR EN GREY
Released Aug 12, 1998
Recorded Cheers Studio
B-1 Studio
Genre Alternative rock, progressive rock, hard rock
Length 10:33
Label Free-Will (FWR-004)
Producer(s) DIR EN GREY
DIR EN GREY singles chronology

"Jealous" (stylized JEALOUS) is the first single by Dir En Grey and was released on Aug 12, 1998.[1] The music videos of the title track and the B-side "Unknown・・・Despair・・・a Lost" are featured on the VHS Mousou Toukakugeki. A piano-vocal duet version of "JEALOUS" was later included on the "[KR] Cube" single. "JEALOUS" is to date, not featured on a studio album. A re-recording of "Unknown・・・Despair・・・a Lost" (retitled as "Unknown.Despair.Lost") appears on their 2013 mini-album THE UNRAVELING.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Kyo.

No. Title Music Length
1. "JEALOUS" Dir En Grey 6:45
2. "Unknown・・・Despair・・・a Lost" Kaoru 3:48




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