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Jean-Claude Arnault (born 15 August 1946), known in Swedish media as "the cultural profile" (Swedish: kulturprofilen),[1][2] is a French-Swedish former photographer and artistic director of the cultural center Forum – Nutidsplats för kultur (translation: "Forum – Contemporary Scene of Culture") at Sigtunagatan 14 in Stockholm, who became widely known after being accused of sexual assault in connection with the Me Too movement.[3]

Arnault was born in Marseille, France. He won Natur & Kultur's cultural award in 2008.[4] He is married to Swedish Academy member Katarina Frostenson.[5]

Sexual assault allegations[edit]

In November 2017, in the context of the Me Too movement, Arnault was accused of sexually assaulting 18 women, which led to the Swedish Academy breaking all financial ties with him.[6][7] Swedish media has reported that he groped Swedish Crown Princess Victoria at an academy event in 2006.[8]

Simultaneously, his wife Katarina Frostenson was accused of corruption for not informing the academy about conflicts of interest when distributing subsidies for her husband's cultural center. The Swedish academy believes he has leaked the Nobel Prize literature winners in seven cases.[5]

In the wake of the controversies, Swedish Academy member Klas Östergren left the academy and academy members Sara Danius, Peter Englund, Kjell Espmark and Frostenson ceased taking part in the academy's work, leading to concerns about the future of the academy.[9] On 27 April 2018, Sara Stridsberg left the academy[10] in solidarity with Sara Danius. Arnault denies all allegations.[11][12] Due to these allegations, the Nobel Prize in Literature has been postponed until 2019.[13][14][15]


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