Jean-Baptiste Boyer-Fonfrède

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Jean-Baptiste Boyer-Fonfrède.

Jean-Baptiste Boyer-Fonfrède (1760 - 31 October 1793) was a French Girondin politician.

A deputy to the National Convention from his native city, Bordeaux, he voted for the death of Louis XVI, denounced the September Massacres and accused Jean-Paul Marat. He was tried, condemned, and guillotined in Paris with the leading Girondin deputies on 31 October 1793.

His son Henri Fonfrède (1788–1841) made his name as a publicist defending liberal ideas in Bordeaux's main newspaper under the Bourbon Restoration.

In literaute[edit]

Boyer-Fonfrède, together with his best friend, fellow deputy Jean-François Ducos, appears in a supporting role in the historical mystery novel Palace of Justice (2010) by Susanne Alleyn.