Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager

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Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager
Durand Brager 2.jpg
Portrait of Henri Durand-Brager
Born 21 May 1814
Dol-de-Bretagne, France
Died 25 April 1879
Paris, France
Nationality French
Education Gudin and Eugène Isabey,
Known for Painter
Movement Orientalist

Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager (1814 – 1879) was a French painter, noted for his marine scenes and Orientalist works.

Life and career[edit]

Naval combat near Mogador, ca. 1845

Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager, a French marine painter, was born at Dol in 1814. He studied under Gudin and Eugène Isabey, and in 1840 accompanied the fleet which brought Napoleon's remains from St. Helena, which island afforded him subjects for various pictures. He spent much of his time in travelling; he went to Buenos Ayres with the squadron, and explored Uruguay and Brazil; he accompanied the expeditions to Tangiers and Mogador, and to Madagascar, and he was in the Crimea during the war with Russia. He painted views of the places he visited, and also naval combats and sea-pieces. He died in 1879. There are several of his works in the galleries of Versailles.

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