Jean-Baptiste Romane

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Jean-Baptiste Romane (1807 - 1858) was an early Haitian poet and playwright. He is best known for his first work, the lyrical poem Hymne à l'Indépendance (Hymn to Independence). When France announced its official recognition of Haitian independence, Romane's poem was sung at the subsequent national celebration. His works were typically historic or patriotic; many celebrated the heroes of the Haitian Revolution. For one poem, Vers à la France, Romane was awarded a gold medallion by the French government.

Selected works[edit]


  • A l'Artibonite
  • A l'Ozama
  • Hymne à l'Indépendance (1825)
  • Sur la Ville de Saint-Domingue


  • La Mort de Christophe


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