Jean-Baptiste Soufron

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Jean-Baptiste Soufron
Jean-Baptiste Soufron en 2010.jpg
Jean-Baptiste Soufron in 2010
Born (1978-04-06) April 6, 1978 (age 37)
Bordeaux, France
Occupation lawyer

Jean-Baptiste Soufron, born 6 April 1978 at Bordeaux, France, is a Lawyer, a journalist and teaches at Sciences-Po Paris. He is the former General Secretary of the French National Digital Council.


Soufron is a lawyer and a journalist, who graduated from La Sorbonne. He translated The Future of Ideas, a book by Lawrence Lessig into French. He has been a consultant for free software and open source companies in 2006.[1]

He was involved in Wikipedia at the beginning of the project, helping with legal matters before becoming Lead Legal Coordinator[2] and then Chief Legal Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation[3] (2006-2008).

In 2010, Soufron was director of the think tank of Cap Digital.[4] Furthermore, he has been writing on open innovation and digital culture in Esprit,[5] on Internet politics in Dissent [6] He founded several startups such as Amusement Magazine[7] and the review website[8] As a journalist,[9] he co-hosted the live shows Minuit/Dix and Le Rendez-Vous on France Culture.

In 2012, he worked along with Fleur Pellerin, an advisor of candidate François Hollande, on the digital economy. After the election of Hollande as President of France and the nomination of Fleur Pellerin as Deputy Minister of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses and Digital Economy, he became senior advisor on digital economy to Fleur Pellerin and then General Secretary of Conseil national du numérique.


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