Jean Baptiste de Champaigne

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Jean Baptiste de Champaigne (10 December 1631, Brussels – 27 October 1681, Paris), was a Flemish Baroque painter and teacher.


Self-portrait at the age of seventeen
Jean-Baptiste de Champaigne Ptoleme II

According to the RKD he was the nephew of Philippe de Champaigne who moved to Paris to become his pupil in 1643.[1] In 1658 he undertook a trip to Italy to copy the works of Raphael and Titian.[1] When he returned he became a member of the Brussels Guild of Saint Luke, and in 1671 he accepted a post as teacher in the prestigious Académie de peinture et de sculpture in Paris.[1]

According to Houbraken he was very fortunate to have survived longer than Philippe's own children so that he was brought up like a true son.[2]


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