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Jean-Christian Michel is a composer and clarinetist. His compositions are influenced by jazz and by the Baroque music particularly that of Johann Sebastian Bach.

His first record Requiem was released in 1967.[1][2][3][better source needed][4] He founded the ensemble Quatuor avec Orgue. Michel has received 3 diamond discs, 7 platinum discs and 10 golden discs. With more than five million discs sold, (3 discs classified 1, 2 & 3 in the charts of CIDD-France soir in the seventies)[5] and thousands of concerts to his credit, he today pursues a global career. Michel is a "Full Member" of the SACEM (an association of composers and music publishers to protect copyright and royalties).[6] He received the prize for "Sciences and Culture" at Sorbonne, Paris, France, which was awarded by a jury of six Nobel Prize winners.[7] Jean-Christian Michel is currently the godfather of the campaign Neurodon, within the Federation for Brain Research [2] FRC

Drummer Kenny Clarke played and recorded with Michel for 10 years.[8]

Michel is also a very experience mountain climber. He was a member of the group that made the first-ever ascent of Tawesche, in the Himalayas, in 1974.[9]


  • Requiem
  • Aranjuez
  • Musique sacrée (with Kenny Clarke)
  • Crucifixus
  • JQM (with Kenny Clarke)
  • Le cœur des etoiles
  • Vision d’Ezéchiel
  • Ouverture spatiale (with Kenny Clarke)
  • Eve des origines (with Kenny Clarke)
  • Port-Maria (with Kenny Clarke)
  • Musique de lumière
  • Jean-Christian Michel in concert
  • Vif-obscur
  • Les années-lumière
  • Les cathédrales de lumière
  • Aranjuez 2004
  • Portail de l'espace 2005
  • Bach transcriptions 2006
  • Live concert 2007
  • Spatial Requiem 2008
  • Jean-Christian Michel plays jazz 2012


  • "Imaginaire" (2010)


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