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Jean-Claude Izzo
Born(1945-06-20)20 June 1945
Marseille, France
Died26 January 2000(2000-01-26) (aged 54)
Marseille, France
GenreMediterranean noir, crime novel
Notable worksThe Marseille Trilogy
Notable awardsTrophées 813, Prix Sang d'Encre

Jean-Claude Izzo (Marseille 20 June 1945 – Marseille 26 January 2000) was a French poet, playwright, screenwriter, and novelist who achieved sudden fame in the mid-1990s with the publication of his three neo-noir crime novels Total Chaos, Chourmo, and Solea (widely known as the Marseilles Trilogy), featuring as protagonist ex-cop Fabio Montale, and set in the author's native city of Marseille. All have been translated into English by Howard Curtis.

Jean-Claude Izzo was born on 20 June 1945 in Marseille, France. His father was an Italian immigrant from Castel San Giorgio (provincia di Salerno) and his maternal grandfather was a Spanish immigrant. He excelled in school and spent much of his time at his desk writing stories and poems. But because of his "immigrant" status, he was forced into a technical school where he was taught how to operate a lathe.

In 1963, he began work in a bookstore. He also actively campaigned on behalf of Pax Christi, a Catholic peace movement. Then, in 1964, he was called up for military duty in Toulon and Djibouti. He worked for the military newspaper as a photographer and journalist.


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  • Marseille (Hoëbeke, 2000). Italian translation Aglio, menta e basilico (Editions and/or, 2006)


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