Jean-Claude Lord

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Jean-Claude Lord
Born (1943-06-06) June 6, 1943 (age 73)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Film director
Years active 1964 - Present

Jean-Claude Lord (born June 6, 1943) is a Canadian film director and screenwriter.[1] He was one of the most commercial of the Québécois directors in the 1970s and aimed his feature films at a mass audience and dealt with political themes in a mainstream, Hollywood style.


Jean-Claude Lord was born in Montreal, Quebec, and began his career as an apprentice to Pierre Patry at Coopératio, working as an assistant director on many films before directing his first feature, Délivrez-nous du mal, in 1965. His 1974 film Bingo exploits the post-October Crisis, post-Watergate paranoia prevalent in North America at the time with considerable panache. It was the subject of an intensive critical debate about its credentials as a left-wing film.[2] He made his first English-language film in 1982, Visiting Hours, a low-budget horror film that still remains a cult favorite. In 1986 Lord worked for the first time in Television on the series Lance et Compte, a series in which he would revisit several times years later. Since then he has worked primarily in television on several other series and Made-for-TV movies.[3]





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