Council of State of Vaud

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The meeting room of the Council of State in the Château Saint-Maire in Lausanne.

The Council of State of Vaud (French: Conseil d'État du canton de Vaud) is the executive organ of the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland. Vaud has a seven-member Conseil d'État.


Name Party Office Elected Notes
Anne-Catherine Lyon Social Democratic Party Education, Youth, and Culture 2002
Pascal Broulis Free Democratic Party Finance and External Relations 2002
Jacqueline de Quattro Free Democratic Party Security and the Environment 2007
Pierre-Yves Maillard Social Democratic Party Health and Social Action 2004
Philippe Leuba Liberal Party Economy 2007
Béatrice Métraux Green Party Interior 2012
Nuria Gorrite Social Democratic Party Infrastructure 2012

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