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Jean-François Calot (17 May 1861 – 1 March 1944)[1] was a French surgeon best known for describing treatment of curvature of the spine in Pott's disease. He also described a method of treating tuberculous abscesses and defined Calot's triangle.[2]


Calot was born in a farmer family of six children and spent his childhood in Arrens-Marsous, France.[3] He received his bachelor's degree in 1880 at Saint-Pe de Bigorre and in 1881 moved to Paris, where he worked as a tutor to pay for his university education. While still a student he described Calot's triangle in his doctoral thesis, defended on 12 December 1890.[1] He then worked as a surgeon at l'Hôpital Rotschild and l'Hôpital Cazin-Perrochaud in Berck. He described his technique for treating Pott's disease of the spine in a paper he read to the Academy of Medicine in Paris in 1896.[2] Much of his work later in his career was in orthopaedic surgery, particularly the treatment of war injuries;[4] he founded the Institut orthopédique de Berck in 1900.[2]

Callot married Marie Bacqueville (d. 1934), and together they had four daughters.[1]



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