Jean-François Garneray

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Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, King of Italy - engraving by Pierre-Michel Alix after Jean-François Garneray (c. 1805).

Jean-François Garneray (1755, Paris - 11 June 1837, Auteuil) was a French painter. He was a student of Jacques-Louis David.


His three sons were:

Selected works[edit]

The Grand Dauphin visits a hut, led by the Duc de Montausier.
  • The grand Dauphin visits a hut, led by the Duc de Montausier - oil on canvas, 113 by 147.6, signed and dated aged 72 years, exhibited at the 1827 Paris Salon with the caption He took advantage of the emotion which caused the young prince to show unaccustomed attention to the misery reigning in this poor man's house, in order to dispose his soul to pity for them and to relieve them for one day, sold for 95,000 euros by the Hampel auction house in Munich on 16 June 2010 as lot 350
  • Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Milhaud (Musée du Louvre) - this was long attributed to Garneray's teacher David, due to a dedication reading Au conventionnel Milhaud, son collègue, David-1793 (To the Convention-member Milhaud, his colleague David-1793), but in 1945 Gaston Brière reattributed it to Garneray. A miniature portrait of the same subject, 9 cm in diameter and signed Garneray Ventôse, l'An 2 de la République française (Year 2 of the French Republic),[1] confirmed this attribution.


  1. ^ Lot 57 in the liquidiation Founés, sold 27 June 1935, Paris, Galerie Charpentier.