Jean-François Joseph Debelle

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Jean-François Joseph Debelle; portrait by Pierre-Joseph Dedreux-Dorcy (1837)

Jean-François Joseph Debelle (Voreppe, Isère, 22 May 1767 – Saint-Raphaël, of yellow fever, 15 June 1802) was a French general and soldier. He fought at the Battle of Fleurus (as a brevet général de brigade), headed the Armée d'Italie's artillery in its retreat to France after the Battle of Novi, and participated in the Saint-Domingue expedition, on which he died aged 34 of yellow fever. On 10 March his father was granted a pension of 1,500 francs, which passed to Debelle's widow on his death. Debelle is one of the names inscribed under the Arc de Triomphe, on Column 6 of the north pillar. He was a friend and brother-in-law to general Lazare Hoche and the brother to general César Alexandre Debelle.