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Jean-Gabriel Prêtre (20 December 1768 – 29 April 1849) was a Swiss-French natural history painter who illustrated birds, mammals and reptiles in a large number of books. Several species of animal were named after him.


Prêtre was born in Geneva. His father Jean-Louis Prêtre married Judith Renauld on 28 December 1767 in the church of Saint Germain. From their marriage the children Pernette Marguerite, Jean-Gabriel and Marie were born.[a]

He worked as a natural history illustrator, first for Empress Josephine's zoo, and then for the Natural History Museum in Paris. He illustrated many books of animals and birds, and had several species named after him.[1][2]

Species named after Prêtre[edit]

A species of worm lizard, Amphisbaena pretrei, is named in his honor.[3]



  1. ^ When he was baptised at the age of two in the Madeleine Church in Geneva, he was initially carried into the parish register under the name Jean Gabriel Praite. This error was corrected on 17 May 1794.


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