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Jean-Joseph Sue by Guillaume Voiriot

Jean-Joseph Sue (1710–1792) was a French surgeon and anatomist. His son, also named Jean-Joseph Sue (1760–1830), was a noted anatomist and the grandfather of novelist Eugene Sue (1804–1857).

Jean-Joseph Sue was a professor at the Collège Royal de Chirurgie and the Académie de peinture et de sculpture. He was the author of numerous treatises on anatomy and surgery, and is credited with the creation of approximately 200 anatomical plates.

In 1750 he published "Anthropotomie ou l'Art de disséquer", a book that is considered to be a classic work on androtomy (the art of dissection). Another important work by Sue was "Traité d'Ostéologie", which was a translation of Alexander Munro's treatise "Anatomy of the Bones". This translation is known for its exquisite, masterful engravings.

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1760.[1]


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