Jean-Laurent Mosnier

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Jean-Laurent Mosnier
Jean-Laurent Mosnier - Self Portrait.jpg
Self portrait
Paris, France
Died10 April 1808
Known forpainting

Jean-Laurent Mosnier (French: [moɲe]; (Paris) 1743 – (Saint Petersburg) 10 April 1808) was a French painter and miniaturist.

Court painter under the Ancien Régime, Mosnier began, from 1789, a brilliant career as society painter in London, Hamburg and St. Petersburg. Many times academician, he left considerable work and high quality, both in miniature painting.

Self-Portrait with Two Pupils is thought to have been the basis for Jean-Laurent Mosnier's painting of himself with his young daughters. It is thought that his ambition was to clone the success of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard's painting.[1]



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