Jean-Louis Koszul

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Jean-Louis Koszul
Jean-Louis Koszul.jpg
Born January 1921 (age 94)
Strasbourg, France
Nationality France
Fields Mathematics

University of Grenoble (Joseph Fourier University)

French Academy of Sciences
Alma mater University of Strasbourg
Doctoral advisor Henri Cartan
Doctoral students Eugène Okassa
Known for Koszul complex
Koszul formula

Jean-Louis Koszul (French: [kɔzyl]; born January 3, 1921) is a French mathematician best known for studying geometry and discovering the Koszul complex. He was a second generation member of Bourbaki.

He was educated at the Lycée Fustel-de-Coulanges in Strasbourg before studying at the Faculty of Science in Strasbourg and the Faculty of Science in Paris. He has lectured at many universities and was appointed professor in the Faculty of Science at Grenoble in 1963. He is a member of the French Academy of Sciences.

Koszul is the cousin of the French composer Henri Dutilleux. Their grandfather, the composer Julien Koszul, was a close friend of Gabriel Fauré.

Koszul married Denise Reyss-Brion on July 17, 1948. They had three children: Michel, Bertrand, and Anne.

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