Jean-Louis Pesch

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Jean-Louis Pesch
Born Jean-Louis Poisson
June 29, 1928
Paris, France
Nationality French
Area(s) writer, drawer
Notable works
Sylvain et Sylvette

Jean Louis Pesch, from his real name Jean-Louis Poisson (born June 29, 1928), is a French author of comics series, including Sylvain et Sylvette.


Born on 29 June 1928, he has lived at Juvardeil, a little village in Anjou (France). There he learned to love nature and animals. His parents being both drawers, he discovered during his youth the works of several drawers, among them Maurice Cuvillier. He read from 1934 the Mickey magazine, Junior, Aventures, Robinson, Hop-là! [1] and various albums. He decided to become a comics author and began to draw especially humoristic illustrations.

At 14, he passed the selective exam of applied arts school in Paris. During the war, he returned to Juvardeil to work in farming . In 1945, he got engaged in the navy for three years, then he worked in animation. In 1950 he founded an advertisement studio. He worked in magazines for children beginning in 1954: Capucine, Mireille, L'intrepide, Bernadette, Coeurs Vaillants, Ames Vaillantes, Fripounet et Marisette, Le Pelerin, and Tintin.[1] In that time, he created many comics heroes and published some animal stories at Fleurus editions.[2]

He also launched Pinpinville, adventures inspired from Le Roman de Renard.[2] As a specialist of animal illustrations, he is proposed to take over the Sylvain et Sylvette series in 1956, at Cuvillier's death. In 1964, he created with Henriette Robitaillie the series Bec-en Fer published in Le Pelerin. In 1980, he took over alone this series. Bec-en-Fer is an humoristic series, very didactic and educational, full of historical allusions and parallelism with ancient times and today's world. This series, in which he denounces comically violence, malice, stupidity le fanaticism, is dedicated to older persons. 7 albums were published between 1980 and 1995.[2] In 1981, he took over Louis Forton and Pellos' Pieds Nickelés.[3]


  • In 1974, J.L. Pesch was named best wildwife artist at the Toulouse Salon of comics.[4]
  • In 1992, he received the price of the Brignais Salon.
  • Still in 1992, he received the price of youth at the Illzach festival.[2]
  • He became Chevalier des arts et des lettres in 2000.

Other actions[edit]

  • 1% of the benefits made by Jean-Louis Pesch thanks to albums sales are given an association to help young disabled boys.
  • He lives in the country, in a farm in the Aveyron, in France, with various animals.
  • He is a militant in several associations to protect nature and animals.


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