Jean-Luc De Meyer

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Jean-Luc De Meyer
Born 1957 (age 59–60)
Brussels, Belgium
Genres EBM, industrial, electronic, techno
Occupation(s) Singer, lyricist
Years active 1981-present
Associated acts Cobalt 60, C-Tec, Front 242

Jean-Luc De Meyer (born 1957 in Brussels) is a vocalist and lyricist who is best known as the lead vocalist of the Belgian EBM group Front 242.[1]

He started singing in the experimental group "Under Viewer" with Patrick Codenys. Both joined Front 242 early in their history and de Meyer's distinctive growl became part of the group's trademark sound as their reputation grew during the late 1980s. By the early 90's the Front 242 formula seemed to be tiring and there were growing musical differences within the group. In 1994 the band decided to stop working together and de Meyer started to focus on side projects.

The most prominent of these was Cyber-Tec Project - later known as C-Tec. C-Tec produced two albums before fizzling out towards the end of the '90's, whilst his other project Cobalt 60 was more coolly received.

De Meyer rejoined Front 242 in 1997.

De Meyer also performed vocals with Bigod 20 on their single "The Bog", with Birmingham 6 on their album "Error of Judgment", and with Glis on their album "Nemesis". In 2006 he contributed the vocals to the song "Future Fail" of the Front Line Assembly album "Artificial Soldier" and guest vocals on the songs "The Creature" and "The Dive" of the Implant albums "Audio Blender" and "Implantology". Since 2006, he started 2 new bands: 32CRASH (with the members of Implant) and Modern Cubism, where he sings poems by Charles Baudelaire and Geo Norge..

He published a book in French in 2008, "Tous contraints", and started appearing on stage for performances as a reader and humorist.

In 2010 he collaborated with Psy'Aviah on the track Ophélie, released on the album Eclectric. In the track Jean-Luc is singing verses taken out of the poem with the same name from Arthur Rimbaud.

On 28 October 2011, his side project with members of Implant, 32CRASH released their second album y2112y on Alfa Matrix.[2]


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