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Dr. Jean-Marc Guichet (born 1961) is an orthopedic surgeon best known for inventing both the Albizzia Nail and the Guichet Nail used in distraction osteogenesis.

Life and Work[edit]

Guichet was born in the city of Marseilles, France. After completing his Masters in Human Biology from the Aix-Marseille University II in 1986, he went on to receive his MD from the University of Burgundy in Dijon in 1988 with a University Diploma of Applied Anatomy to Surgical Techniques. It was during his residency in 1987 at the University Center (CHU) in Dijon, France, that Guichet invented the Albizzia Nail in collaboration with his professor, Paul Marie Grammont.[1]

Guichet has performed over 600 limb lengthening surgeries. He has performed over 400 Albizzia surgeries and over 150 cosmetic leg lengthening surgeries.[2]

Guichet is currently working on several aspects of a new Guichet Nail and its instrumentation along with surgical technics and clinical care.[3]

Albizzia Nail[edit]

The Albizzia Nail is an intramedullary rod used in limb lengthening.[4] The internal telescopic nail consists of a lengthening mechanism that is activated by alternate rotations. With each rotation there is an audible "click" noise that tells the patient how much they have lengthened. 15 clicks per day result in 1mm of lengthening. The Albizzia Nail is revolutionary in the field of limb lengthening as it allowed for almost full weight bearing activity with the help of crutches immediately after surgery.

Guichet Nail[edit]

In 2009 Guichet patented the Guichet Nail. As an improved version of the Albizzia Nail, the Guichet Nail uses stronger steel, allowing for full weight-bearing activity almost immediately after surgery. The Guichet Nail is also size-customizable, which makes it more versatile for surgeries involving smaller bones. The Guichet Nail is currently only available for implant at the JM Guichet Clinic or the Leg Lengthening Clinic in Marseilles, France.


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