Jean-Marc Rochette

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Jean-Marc Rochette
JeanMarc RochetteStM2015.jpg
Jean-Marc Rochette, 2015
Born (1956-04-23) 23 April 1956 (age 65)
Baden-Baden, West Germany
Area(s)Writer, Artist
Notable works
Edmond le Cochon
Le Transperceneige

Jean-Marc Rochette (born 23 April 1956) is a French painter, illustrator and comics creator.

He is best known and recognized for the comic book series Edmond le Cochon and Le Transperceneige, as well as for his illustrations of the literary classic Candide ou l'optimisme by Voltaire, and Homer's Odyssey.


Jean-Marc Rochette became known as a comic creator and illustrator with the story of Edmond le Cochon, with Martin Veyron, and (in succession of Alexis) Le Transperceneige, initially with Jacques Lob and later with Benjamin Legrand.[1] Le Transperceneige received the Angoulême Religious Award in 1985, which was the award's first year. Other comic stories include Claudius Vigne, Napoléon et Bonaparte (Angoulême Humour Award in 2001), Nemo le capitaine vengeur with Jean-Pierre Hugot, L'or et l'esprit with Benjamin Legrand, Cour Royale with Martin Veyron (Nomination for the Angoulême Audience Award in 2006), and the trilogy Louis et Dico: Panique à Londres/Scandale à New York/Triomphe à Hollywood with René Pétillon.[2]

Besides creating and illustrating comic stories, he also illustrated several children's books and well-known fairy tales, for example Coyote mauve, which was also translated in English (Purple Coyote), Pinocchio, Le petit poucet (the French version of Tom Thumb) and Le chat botté (Puss 'n' Boots). He gained further reputation for his watercolor illustrations of the literature classics Candide by Voltaire and Homer's Odyssey.[3] As a painter, his works include watercolor as well as oil paintings, and figurative as well as abstract interpretations of themes.[4]



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    • No. 1: Edmond le cochon, Editions du Fromage 1980, ISBN 978-2-902503-39-1
    • No. 2: Edmond le cochon va en afrique (1981), Albin Michel - l'Echo des Savanes 1983, ISBN 978-2-226-01475-7
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  • Les dépoteurs de chrysanthèmes (drawing and story), Futuropolis 1980, ISBN 978-2-7376-5406-0
  • Le Transperceneige (1984–2000)
  • A tes souhaits (drawing) with T. Topin (story), Futuropolis 1985, ISBN 2-7376-5454-8
  • Claudius Vigne touche le fond (drawing and story), Casterman 1985, ISBN 978-2-203-33523-3
  • Requiem blanc (drawing) with Benjamin Legrand (story), Casterman 1987, ISBN 2-203-33436-3, ISBN 978-2-203-33436-6
  • Nemo, le capitaine vengeur (drawing) with Jean-Pierre Hugot (storyboard), featuring Jules Verne's fictional character Captain Nemo, Bayard 1988, ISBN 978-2-7009-4053-4
  • L'Or & l'esprit 1, Le Tribut (drawing) with Benjamin Legrand (story), Casterman 1995, ISBN 978-2-203-38888-8
  • Napoléon et Bonaparte (story and drawing), Casterman 2000, ISBN 978-2-203-38888-8
  • Louis et Dico - à la conquete du monde (2003 - 2006 with René Pétillon)
  • Cour royale (drawing) with Martin Veyron (story), Albin Michel 2005, ISBN 978-2-226-16669-2
  • TooLoose, with Martin Veyron, Blutch, Baru, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Casterman 2007, ISBN 978-2-203-00460-3
  • Ailefroide, altitude 3954 [fr], with Olivier Bocquet [fr], Casterman, 2018 ISBN 978-2-203-12193-5
  • Le Loup (bande dessinée) [fr], Casterman, 2019 ISBN 978-2-203-19677-3
  • Le Transperceneige: Extinctions - vol1, with Matz (auteur) [fr], Casterman, 2019 ISBN 978-2203165816


Children's books[edit]




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