Jean-Marc XO Vodka

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Jean-Marc XO Vodka
Type Vodka
Country of origin France
Alcohol by volume 40.0%
Proof (US) 80
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Jean-Marc XO Vodka is a premium vodka distilled in the Cognac region of France by Jean-Marc Daucourt and owned by the Campari Group.

It uses four French wheat grains, selected for their specific flavors. Each wheat grain is separated from its chaff before distillation in order to eliminate any bitterness and to reveal the wheat’s individual flavor. Spring water, filtered through Grande Champagne limestone, is added. Jean-Marc XO Vodka is distilled nine times in very small batches using traditional copper alambic stills. Then Jean-Marc XO is micro-oxygenated (a Bordeaux technique) and filtered through Limousin oak charcoal to finish. Very unusually, the entire process takes several weeks from start to finish. Each bottle is individually numbered to reflect its handmade artisanship.

The Jean-Marc XO has performed reasonably well at spirit ratings competitions. It was awarded 97 points by the US Beverage Testing Institute in 2007 [1] (one of only two vodkas to get this score), and is the only vodka ever honored by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (2005). Wine Enthusiast was significantly less impressed with Jean-Marc XO, however, giving the vodka a rating of 85-89 in 2005.[2]

Jean-Marc XO Vodka was listed in a book of "101 Things to Buy Before you Die" (published late 2006), alongside other cultural icons such as Cartier watches and Aston Martin DB5's: a shorter list of 50 Things, including Jean-Marc XO Vodka, was compiled for the Daily Mail newspaper.


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