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Jean-Michel Le Gal
Jean-Michel Le Gal.jpg
Born Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Actor
Years active 2002-Present

Jean-Michel Le Gal is a Canadian stage, television and film actor.

Early life and education[edit]

Le Gal was born in Toronto, Canada to a francophone stage actress and television/music producer. He began acting at 10, opposite a squirrel puppet in the 12 part television kids series Pri-Maths for TVOntario.

After three years of professional theatre training at Studio 58 in Vancouver,[1] Le Gal was invited to the Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre Training at the Stratford Festival.[2]

His first role at Stratford was in the 2004 production of Noises Off, directed by Brian Bedford, and his performance was positively reviewed by Kamal Al-Solaylee of the Globe and Mail.[3] He then went on to play numerous roles over four seasons including: Ferdinand in the Tempest opposite William Hutt, Silvius in As You Like It and Lorenzo in Merchant of Venice. He also received Stratford’s John Hirsch Award for most promising actor[4] and toured a co-production of Molière’s Don Juan to the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde in Montreal.

Le Gal played Horace in École des femmes by Molière at the Théâtre français de Toronto, receiving a positive review from Stage Door.[5]

In 2009, Le Gal attended the inaugural Actor's Conservatory at the Canadian Film Centre where he trained with Kiefer Sutherland, Sarah Polley and Norman Jewison.[6]

Together with the Théâtre français de Toronto, Jean-Michel helps disadvantaged kids write and act in their own plays.[7]

Film Credits[edit]

  • ANON, Principal, Dir. Andrew Niccol / K5 Films
  • STATE LIKE SLEEP, Principal, Dir. Meredith Danluck / Scynthia Films
  • SHE SINGS FOR ME, Lead, Dir. Rebecca Davey, Official Selection, Not Short On Talent, Telefilm, Festival de Cannes, 2015[8]
  • BENJAMIN, Lead, Dir. Sherren Lee, Official Selection, Short Cuts, Toronto International Film Festival, 2015[9]
  • WHAT WE HAVE, Supporting Lead, Dir. Maxime Desmons, Best Canadian Feature, Toronto Inside Out Film Festival, 2015[10]
  • FOXFIRE, Principal, Dir. Laurent Cantet, Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival, 2012
  • TONY GITONE, Principal, Dir. Jerry Ciccoritti/Breakthrough Ent.
  • TAKE THIS WALTZ, Principal, Dir. Sarah Polley, Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival, 2011
  • JOHN A, Supporting, Dir. Jerry Ciccoritti/CBC
  • THE HEART, Lead, Dir. Sarah Polley/BravoFact/CTV

Television Credits[edit]

  • CONDOR, Recurring, Dir. Various / MGM / Skydance
  • FRONTIER, Recurring, Dir. Various / Discovery / Netflix
  • MEHDI & VAL, Series Regular, Dir. Martin Cadotte / Radio Canada
  • MURDOCH MYSTERIES, Principal, Dir. Don McCutcheon / CBC
  • REIGN, Recurring Principal, Dir. Megan Follows / CBS / CW
  • TOI & MOI, Recurring, Dir. Martin Cadotte / Radio Canada
  • MAX AND SHRED, Series Regular, Dir. Various / Nickelodeon / YTV
  • ROOKIE BLUE, Principal, Dir. Paul Fox / ABC / Global
  • ORPHAN BLACK, Principal, Dir. John Fawcett / BBC America / Space
  • TRANSPORTER, Principal, Dir. Brad Turner / HBO
  • LES BLEUS DE RAMVILLE, Recurring, Dir. Derek Dorio / TFO
  • FLASHPOINT, Principal, Dir. Stefan Pleszczynski / CTV / CBS
  • MAYDAY, Recurring, Dir. Ian Robertson / Cineflix
  • METEO +, Principal, Dir. Derek Dorio / TFO

Stratford Festival Credits[edit]

  • Merchant of Venice, Lorenzo, dir. Richard Rose
  • Comedy of Errors, Angelo, dir. Richard Monette[11]
  • An Ideal Husband, Mr.Montford, dir. Richard Monette
  • Don Juan, Marigold, dir. Lorraine Pintal
  • London Assurance, Martin,[12] dir. Brian Bedford
  • Ferdinand,The Tempest, dir. Richard Monette
  • Brother Ladvenu, The Lark, dir. Michael Lindsay-Hogg
  • As You Like It, Silvius, dir. Antoni Cimolino
  • Henry VIII, Surveyor, dir. Richard Monette
  • Noises Off, Garry Lejeune, dir. Brian Bedford

Other Theatre Credits[edit]

  • L'école des femmes, Horace, Theatre francais de Toronto,Horace.
  • Le dîner des cons, Theatre francais de Toronto, Juste Leblanc[13][14]
  • Grincements et autre bruits, Théâtre du Trillium (Ottawa), Homme
  • Don Juan, Théâtre du nouveau monde (Montréal), Pierrot
  • Unity 1918, Western Canada Theatre (Kamploops,B.C.) Michael/Glen
  • Menteur, Théâtre la Seizième (Vancouver), Yannick
  • An Evening with Beckett, Tandem Productions (Vancouver), Protagonist
  • Corpus Cristi, Hoarse RavenTheatre (Vancouver), Peter


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