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Jean-Pierre Faye (2002)

Jean-Pierre Faye (born 19 July 1925) is a French philosopher and writer of fiction and prose poetry.


Faye was born in Paris. He was a founding member of the avant-garde literary review Tel Quel, and later of Change. He received the Prix Renaudot for his 1964 novel L'Écluse (Éditions Seuil). He is a regular contributor to Gilles Deleuze's literary journal Chimère.

With Jacques Derrida and others, he authored the "Blue Report" (French: Le rapport bleu) which led to the Collège international de philosophie, an open university, in 1983. Yet he soon turned against deconstructionism, postmodernism and its main apostles — as reflected in Langages totalitaires 2: la raison narrative (1995).

His essays, including Théorie du récit and Langages Totalitaires, remain influential studies of the use and abuse of language by totalitarian states and ideologies.

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