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Jean-Pierre Faye (2002)

Jean-Pierre Faye (born 19 July 1925) is a French philosopher and writer of fiction and prose poetry.


Faye was born in Paris. He was member of the editing committee of the avant-garde literary review Tel Quel,[1] and later of Change. He received the Prix Renaudot for his 1964 novel L'Écluse (Éditions Seuil). He is a regular contributor to Gilles Deleuze's literary journal Chimère.

With Jacques Derrida and others, he authored the "Blue Report" (French: Le rapport bleu) which led to the Collège international de philosophie, an open university, in 1983. Yet he soon turned against deconstructionism, postmodernism and its main apostles — as reflected in Langages totalitaires 2: la raison narrative (1995).

His essays, including Théorie du récit and Langages Totalitaires, remain influential studies of the use and abuse of language by totalitarian states and ideologies.

Faye is credited with creating the horseshoe theory.[2]

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