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Jean-Robert de Cavel
Jean-Robert de Cavel 2015.09.12 CFWC.jpg
Born (1961-09-12) September 12, 1961 (age 57)[1]
Roubaix, France
Education Le Feguide, Lille, France.
Spouse(s) Annette Pfund de Cavel
Culinary career
Cooking style French

Jean-Robert de Cavel is a celebrity chef[2] in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was Chef de cuisine at The Maisonette from 1993-2002, Executive chef at Jean-Robert at Pigall's from 2002-2009, and currently operates Jean-Robert's Table, Le Bar a Boeuf and French Crust Cafe. He and his wife founded the de Cavel Family SIDS Foundation, which runs Eat.Play.Give: Friends and Family SIDS Brunch, a culinary event that is the country's largest SIDS fundraiser.

Personal life[edit]

De Cavel was born in Roubaix, France. He was educated at Le Feguide culinary school in Lille, France.[1][3] He and his wife Annette Pfund de Cavel[4] live in Newport, Kentucky[1] with their daughter Laeticia.[5]


In 2003 de Cavel and his wife Annette founded the de Cavel Family SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Foundation following the death of their first child, Tatiana.[1] Since then it has grown annually to become the largest SIDS fundraiser in the country.[4][5]

Professional career[edit]

De Cavel worked in Zermatt,[1] Antibes, the British West Indies, and New York City before moving to Cincinnati in 1993 to become Chef de cuisine at The Maisonette,[6] which earned 5 stars from Mobil during his time there.[5] He left in 2002 to join a partnership to run his own restaurants Jean-Robert at Pigall's, which became Ohio's only Mobil four-star restaurant.[7] With his partners he went on to open JeanRo Bistro, Pho Paris, Greenup Cafe, Twist, and Lavomatic Cafe, all located in the greater Cincinnati area.[1][5] In 2009 he left the partnership[1] to start Jean-Robert's Table in 2010,[1] French Crust in 2011,[1] Le Bar a Boeuf in 2014[5] and Eat at Jean-Bob's in 2015,[8] and Restaurant L and Frenchie Fresh in 2016.[9] He has been called "arguably the most recognizable chef in town"[10] and "one of the region's most well-known chefs".[11]


Since 2009 he has been chef-in-residence at the Midwest Culinary Institute.[5]


De Cavel has four times been a semifinalist for the James Beard Best Chef in the Great Lakes Region, in 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2013.[12] He has received three James Beard nominations for Best Chef in the Midwest in 2000, 2001, and 2006[1] and has been invited to cook at the foundation's Greenwich Village headquarters, , six times.[13]

During his tenure The Maisonette received five stars from Mobil. Jean-Robert at Pigall's received four stars from Mobil and was recognized by Relais & Châteaux.[1] In 2007 he was named a Master Chef by Maîtres Cuisiniers de France.[1]


De Cavel has been associated with 3-star Michelin restaurant La Bonne Auberge in Antibes, France; The Restaurant at Malliouhana in the British West Indies; La Regence[1] and La Gauloise[1] in Manhattan. In Cincinnati he has been associated with 5-star Mobil restaurant The Maisonette,[1] 4-star Mobil restaurant Jean-Robert at Pigall’s, JeanRo Bistro, Pho Paris, Greenup Café, Twist, Lavomatic Café, Jean-Robert's Table, French Crust, Le Bar a Boeuf[14] Eat at Jean-Bob's,[3][5][8] Restaurant L[15] and Frenchie Fresh.[16]


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