Jean-Yves Béziau

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Jean-Yves Beziau
Era Logic
Region Contemporary Science
School Logic
Main interests
Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy
Notable ideas
Universal logic

Jean-Yves Beziau (born January 15, 1965 in Orléans, France) is a professor and researcher of the Brazilian Research Council — CNPq — at the University of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Beziau is a dual citizen of France and Switzerland (Ropraz, VD). He is a fluent speaker of English and Portuguese as well as his native French, and has published works in all of these three languages.

A former student of (and frequent collaborator with) Newton da Costa, he works in the field of logic—in particular, paraconsistent logic, the square of opposition and universal logic. He holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from Pantheon-Sorbonne University on the Allegory of the cave (advisor: Sarah Kofman), a PhD in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo on Logical truth (advisor: Newton da Costa), a MSc and a PhD in Logic and Foundations of Computer Science from Denis Diderot University (advisor: Daniel Andler). He has been working in France, Switzerland, Brazil, Poland and USA (UCLA and Stanford).

He is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of the journal Logica Universalis, the South American Journal of Logic, the Springer book series Studies in Universal Logic, the College Publication book series Logic PhDs and book Encyclopaedia of Logic as well as the area editor of logic of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

He is the organizer of various series of events in logic around the world: UNILOG - World Congress and School on Universal Logic (Montreux 2005, Xi'an 2007, Lisbon 2010, Rio de Janeiro 2013, Istanbul 2015), Square of Opposition (Montreux 2007, Corsica 2010, Beirut 2012, Vatican 2014), Logic in Question (Sorbonne, Paris) 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).

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