Jean-Yves Le Gallou

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Jean-Yves Le Gallou
Born 4 October 1948
Paris, France
Occupation Politician

Jean-Yves Le Gallou (born 4 October 1948, Paris) is a French politician. He served as a member of the European Parliament since the 1994 election.


Le Gallou began his political career as a member of the Republican Party, although in 1974 he joined Yvan Blot in setting up the Club de l'Horloge. As the club developed links with GRECE Le Gallou grew in importance as he served as a link between the Nouvelle Droite tendency and mainstream politics.[1]

Le Gallou grew close to the National Front and helped to develop their la préférence nationale policy of the 1980s, which called for welfare, health, education and job provisions to be given to French citizens of autochthonous origins first.[2] He soon joined the party and rose in influence, joining Blot and Bruno Mégret in developing the party's neo-liberal economic policy.[3] He was one of the 11 FN members elected to the European Parliament in the 1994 election. Meanwhile, Le Gallou became a close associate of Mégret and followed him into the National Republican Movement.[4]

In his spare time Le Gallou is a keen mountaineer and has completed a number of traditional races in the Alps.[5]


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