Jean Alt

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Jean ALT
Jean ALT.jpg
Born 8 August 1921
Paris, France
Died 22 July 1991
Savigny sur Orge, France
Nationality French
Occupation Scientist, Meteorologist, Polar explorer
Known for Alt Glacier
Children 4

Jean Alt (8 August 1921 – 22 July 1991) was a French scientist and meteorologist. He was born in Paris.

International Geophysical Year (57-58)[edit]

Alt was a scientist of the IGY. He took part in the American mission Deep Freeze III in Little America V (an Antarctica base) during the winter of 1958. He stayed 16 months in Antarctica.

He was part of the little america V team in the same period that Albert P. Crary

Later the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names gave his name to a glacier: the Alt Glacier