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Jean Broc (1771–1850) was a French Neo-Classical painter. His most famous work, The Death of Hyacinthos, was completed in 1801 and is an oil on canvas. This subject matter is often associated with potentially homoerotic themes. Hyacinthus, a young male beauty, was involved with the god Apollo. One day, while playing with a discus, Hyachinthus was struck with the object and consequently met his demise. The aforementioned painting reflects Apollo's mourning for his dead partner. Some myths link a jealous Zephyr to the incident, blaming his jealousy of Hyacinthus for a gust of wind resulting in the youth's death..

Broc studied under Jacques-Louis David and is well known for the cultivation of the intellectual group known as Les Primitifs (a.k.a. Barbus or "The Bearded Ones").

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