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Adaptations of Jean Grey in other media
Created by Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Original source Comics published by Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Men #1 (September 1963)
Films and television
Film(s) X-Men (2000)
X2 (2003)
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
The Wolverine (2013)
X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
X-Men (1992)
X-Men: Evolution (2000)
Wolverine and the X-Men (2008)
Video game(s) X-Men Legends (2004)
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011)

Jean Grey is a member of the X-Men, and has been included in almost every media adaptation of the X-Men franchise, including film, television, computer and video games.

Television and visual media[edit]

Early TV appearances[edit]

  • Jean Grey (as Marvel Girl) made her first ever animated appearance on the series The Marvel Super Heroes in the episode of The Sub-Mariner with the original X-Men line-up (Angel, Cyclops, Iceman and Beast).
  • Jean Grey appeared in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends in a flashback in "The Origin of Iceman" and in a cameo at the end of "The Education of a Superhero" (alongside other X-Men who had guested in other episodes of the series).


Jean Grey as Phoenix in the X-Men animated series.

Jean Grey-Summers is a central character in the mid-1990s X-Men animated television series, voiced by Catherine Disher. As in the comics, she was in a relationship with Cyclops, eventually marrying Cyclops while being the target of Wolverine's unrequited affection. For the most part, she was a warm, friendly person who when necessary stepped in and played peace maker between Cyclops and Wolverine. As far as her relationship with Cyclops was concerned, they were very happy and content with each other, in stark contrast to Gambit and Rogue often fighting and bickering. The entire saga of the Phoenix is retold and adapted in season three, subdivided into the five-part "Phoenix Saga" in which Jean acquires the power of the Phoenix and the battle for the M'Kraan Crystal occurs, and the "Dark Phoenix Saga", showcasing the battle with the Hellfire Club, the Phoenix's transformation into Dark Phoenix (voiced by Tracey Moore), and the battle to decide her fate. These particular episodes are as close as the cartoon came to directly duplicating the comic book storylines - the "Dark Phoenix Saga" is so accurate to the original stories that the episodes have the additional credit "Based on stories by Chris Claremont". She also appears in the 1990s Spider-Man: The Animated Series in first the fourth and fifth episodes of season two along with the rest of the X-Men.

X-Men: Evolution[edit]

Jean Grey in X-Men: Evolution.

Jean Grey appears as a central character in the animated TV series X-Men: Evolution, voiced by Venus Terzo. She is a popular soccer player and also teaches and trains the mutant students of Xavier Institute. Jean is also a popular athlete of Bayville. She wears a black costume with green accent. Since she is a telepath, she's the one who operates Cerebro aside from Professor Xavier. When humans found out about the existence of mutants, Jean was accused of using her physic/psionic abilities for things that she successfully accomplished without using her powers, such as playing basketball in school. At one point, Jean lost control of her powers which caused her to be uncontrollably read people's minds telepathically. The X-Men were having a hard time trying to help her, but luckily Rogue was present and used her own powers to drain enough of Jean's energy for Scott to prompt her to focus on Scott. Jean appears to have a fear of clowns, to which Mesmero uses this to take control of her mind, so she could do the villain's bidding.

Jean's personality is cheerful, slightly tomboyish, quick-tempered, with a sort-of jealous streak and some insecurity issues that would appear later in the series. She possesses telekinesis and telepathy, initially only being able to move objects with her hand. She can remote-view others, be in psychic rapport with others and can tell if another speaks the truth. Later on, her telekinetic abilities greatly strengthened and increased to the extent that she can now move multiple objects as heavy as a helicopter without effort and create psionic blasts that can render a person unconscious within a few seconds. She is capable of flight at high altitudes, and with intense concentration can divert the water flowing from a dam while in flight. At the start of the series, she dated popular but unpleasant football player Duncan Matthews while struggling with growing and strengthening love feelings for her longtime friend and teammate Scott Summers. In the third season, Jean finally severed ties with Duncan and began a strong and close romantic relationship with Scott after saving Scott from nearly being murdered by Mystique.

When Professor X became Apocalypse's horseman, she fought her mentor mind-to-mind. After Apocalypse's defeat, Professor X had a future vision that Jean would eventually become possessed by the Phoenix Force within her and become their most terrible of enemies.

Wolverine and the X-Men[edit]

Jean Grey appears in Wolverine and the X-Men, voiced by Jennifer Hale. After a mysterious explosion at the Institute, Jean was lost and the X-Men disbanded until Wolverine reformed the X-Men. Mr. Sinister fooled Cyclops in to thinking that Jean was in the villain's clutches but of course it was only a set-up. Unknown to anyone, Jean was in a hospital. When she finally awoke, the doctors asked for her name but she could not remember anything.

Jean's past was revealed and she is shown in her teenage years being confronted by Magneto and Professor X, ultimately joining the X-Men, becoming part of the original five that included Angel, Iceman, Beast and Cyclops. Magneto then tried to force Jean to join by attacking the X-Men, but she fought and defeated Magneto, forcing the extremist to admit that she was much stronger than originally thought. Specifically, Jean prevented Magneto from crushing a visorless Cyclops with a bus and using her telekinetic powers to restrain Cyclops's optic beams, then guided Cyclops aiming at Magneto, blasting Magneto's helmet off; it was around this time that she apparently developed a romantic relationship with Scott Summers. After working at the Institute for a few years, Logan develops a huge romantic crush on her at first sight. Scott and Logan confront each other regarding this matter, which ended with Jean scolding Scott for lashing out at Wolverine. In the pilot, she is still shown berating Scott for poor behavior towards Wolverine and demands that Scott apologize.

Back in the present time, Jean is being helped by the nurse Marjorie on trying to recall her name. Marjorie starts speaking name after name and would not stop even though Jean asked her to. Jean became confused and not realizing what she was doing, lost control of her telekinetic powers. This caught Emma Frost's attention when it registered on Cerebro and went to pick her up with Cyclops. Meanwhile, Jean is being chased by the MRD in the hospital and, once cornered, ratted out by Marjorie, she unintentionally manifested her enormously powerful Phoenix Force abilities in the heat of her fear and hopelessness, which caused an intensely strong psychic/telepathic wave that affected almost the entire city. Archangel, under Mr. Sinister's command, went to capture Jean but Cyclops and Emma intervened. They soon discovered that the reason why Jean was not in mental contact with Scott was because she had no memory of Scott. Archangel pursued them as they tried to get Jean home, Cyclops desperately fought him, but in the end both he and Jean were captured so that Sinister could take samples of their DNA for his experiments. The X-Men came to rescue them and fought the Marauders, but just as Archangel is about to kill Cyclops, Jean manifests her immensely powerful Phoenix Force abilities and defeats him. Scott was able to calm her down and take her to the Institute for rest and promised her that she would regain her memories in conjunction with Emma's help. Everyone at the institute then became unconscious, except Emma, an undercover agent of the Hellfire Club who now had Jean.

The Hellfire Club was then able to claim Jean as one of their members. By using the combined telepathic powers of both Emma and the Stepford Cuckoos, they mentally tricked Jean into doing what they wanted by using images of Scott and Professor X. But the mental contact was interrupted by Scott's unusually strong physic/telepathic connection to Jean. The Stepford Cuckoos then tried to release the Phoenix Force so they could be hosts, and seemingly succeeded. Emma was shocked when she learned the true purpose was for the Inner Circle to control the vastly limitless power and energy of the Phoenix when she originally thought that they were trying to release the Phoenix back into space to prevent the world from destruction. Jean and Cyclops then left to fight the Phoenix, but not before Jean angrily pinned Emma to the wall and telekinetically bound Emma with iron pipes after seeing Emma passionately kiss Cyclops (leading her to suspect that Emma may have plotted to steal Cyclops from her). Jean was unable to subdue the Phoenix herself, prompting Cyclops to attack the cosmic entity, only to be struck down as Jean watched in horror. Before the Phoenix could kill Cyclops, Emma, freed by Wolverine, arrived and took the Phoenix Force into herself, seemingly dying in the process. Jean has rejoined the X-Men and her memories have since returned and appeared to have reconciled with Cyclops.

The Super Hero Squad Show[edit]

Jean Grey appears in The Super Hero Squad Show, voiced by Hynden Walch. In the episode "Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant Academy", she is the only cheerleader at X-Men academy. After she becomes a victim of Ringmaster, she still shows her peppy side in her cheers (Call me Phoenix, call me Jean. Red-haired, mutant, prom night queen. I'll rap you with a mental hurl, if you call me Marvel Girl! Go Mutants!), after she's done her cheer she uses the Phoenix Force and creates a heavy windstorm in the hallway to open the lockers and find a fractal while under Ringmaster's control. Oddly while the comic book cover intro for the episode shows Jean wearing a childlike version of her classic Phoenix costume, she wears a cheerleader uniform with a X-logo in the actual episode. She also makes an appearance in the episode "Ice Man Cometh" where she is telekinetically keeping the water from the melted ice caps from hitting the school.

X-Men Anime[edit]

Jean Grey in X-Men Anime.

Jean Grey appears in Marvel Anime: X-Men, voiced by Yurika Hino and voiced again by Jennifer Hale in the English distribution. At the beginning of the series, she is consumed by the Phoenix Force and nearly destroys the world with her tremendous strength and power. The X-Men engage in a brief battle with her, until she ultimately sacrifices herself to save the world. Although she apparently dies, she assists the X-Men with conflicts through a strong telepathic link in later episodes, such as saving Professor X from hallucinations, and appears as the White Phoenix of the Crown, encouraging the X-Men to keep on fighting to save the world. She was in a strong and close romantic relationship with Cyclops, and had a necklace with a ruby stone with gold in the shape of a phoenix, which was a gift from Cyclops. The necklace was then given to Hisako as a sign that Cyclops can finally let Jean go, as he recognizes her sacrifice as a symbol of love for her friends and the world. Her Dark Phoenix persona is taken from X-Men: The Last Stand where her face is full of dark veins and her eyes become entirely black.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures[edit]

Jean Grey appears in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, with Venus Tenzo reprising the role. In this series, she is under the alias Annie Claremont (a composite homage to her friend Annie Richardson's death that triggered her powers and Dark Phoenix Saga writer Chris Claremont). She temporarily enrolls in the same school Tony Stark, James Rhodes and Pepper Potts attend while looking for a special school for mutants in the area, and after telepathically learning about Tony and Rhodey's secret, she confides in them. Tony and Rhodes, after sympathizing with her, rush to her aid when she is kidnapped and coerced by Magneto to assassinate rabid anti-mutant politician Senator Kelly. After defeating Magneto with the help of her new friends, she is approached by Professor Charles Xavier offering her a place in the institute.

Astonishing X-Men[edit]

Jean Grey appears in the Astonishing X-Men motion comics voiced by Eva Kaminsky.


Famke Janssen portrays Jean Grey/Phoenix in the original X-Men feature films (X-Men, X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand) as well as The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Sophie Turner portrays the character's alternate young iteration in X-Men: Apocalypse.


In X-Men, Jean Grey is introduced as a doctor with medium-length auburn hair sometimes styled in the form of loose, limp curls, that falls a few inches past her shoulders, who is called to witness before a United States Senate hearing on what Senator Robert Kelly sees as the growing danger of the mutant population. Jean speaks out earnestly against the proposed Mutant Registration Act, saying that mutants who have registered under are often met with fear, hostility and violence. Her argument is unsuccessful, however, as she is interrupted by Kelly stirring up the fears of those listening.

Some time later, when the X-Men have rescued Wolverine (Logan) and Rogue from an attack by Magneto's militant terrorist group, Jean is tending to Wolverine waking up disoriented and panicking, attacking her. Once Professor Charles Xavier is able to calm Wolverine down on a tour of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Jean - alongside Ororo Munroe, also called Storm and Scott Summers, also called Cyclops - is revealed to have previously been one of Xavier's very first students and that she is both the school's doctor and a member of the X-Men who helps to teach the children, teens, and young adults who live there how to properly control each's Mutant powers at the academy. As Jean helps Wolverine settle in, she reveals that she is a rare psychic: one who possesses both telepathic and telekinetic powers. She acknowledges that she is not the strongest Mutant on the team, nowhere near the Professor, but that she hopes to continue to further develop her powers. Wolverine, doing very little to hide his blatant attraction to her, encourages Jean to read his own mind, an action that startles Jean by drawing the two closer together, though she maintains her relationship with Cyclops (Scott Summers), much to Wolverine's chagrin as Wolverine and Cyclops share an instant, mutual dislike of each other.

When Magneto's intentions become clear - to use Rogue rather than Wolverine as first thought - Jean helps. Following Kelly's death (after being kidnapped by Magneto and exposed to a radiation machine that triggered normal humans' mutation despite rejecting the change and looking for Jean's help) and Xavier's collapse (after unknowingly initiates a trap that had been planted in Cerebro by Mystique which left him in a comatose state), Jean takes matters into her own hands and repairs Cerebro, locks herself inside, and uses the machine for the first time, despite both herself and Scott having told Logan some time earlier that for a Psi of her caliber to use the machine would be "dangerous". When Cyclops is finally able to reach her, the experience has drained her and left her very weak, but she soon triumphantly reveals that she has successfully penetrated Magneto's mind and knows what the Brotherhood of Mutants are planning and where Magneto is going. When the X-Men head to Liberty Island, where Magneto has concealed the radiation machine in the torch of the Statue of Liberty to unleash the radiation on a World Leadership Summit, the X-Men are attacked by Magneto's group. Jean uses her telekinetic powers to temporarily subdue Toad, but is quickly defeated and must be saved by Cyclops. When the X-Men regroup for a final confrontation with Magneto, Jean uses her telekinesis to aid Storm's winds in helping Wolverine reach the torch to destroy Magneto's machine. When Wolverine is finally able to destroy the machine, Jean appears to be visibly "shaken" by the energy emitted from it. After the battle, Jean once more tends to Wolverine's wounds, where Logan professes feelings for her and she once more gently rebuffs Logan. The threat of the Brotherhood of Mutants now vastly marginalized, and with Magneto now safely and securely imprisoned, Dr. Grey can now refocus her efforts once more on being a teacher.


In X2, Jean Grey is still acting as a teacher and leader at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, a safe haven for mutants. During a routine school outing to a natural history museum several months after the incident at Liberty Island, Jean, her short, flipped auburn hair noticeably redder, suddenly loses control of her telepathic abilities temporarily, now unable to shield herself from hearing the thoughts of those around her...until the noise overwhelms her and her power telekinesis lashes out, disrupting the electronics around her. Cyclops manages to calm her down, and Jean tries to pass it off as just a "headache". Cyclops confronts Jean about this rather than letting it go, revealing that Jean has been experiencing power fluctuations recently; Cyclops notes that she once had trouble levitating small objects across the room yet now whenever Jean has a nightmare the entire bedroom shakes. Jean reveals that her dreams are getting worse, hinting that she is also developing a sense of precognition. When the news report breaks about a mutant attack on the President at the White House, the group retreats back to Xavier's mansion. The X-Men meet in Professor Xavier's office, where Cyclops maintains that Magneto is behind the attack. Jean quietly disagrees, and Xavier decides to send Storm and Jean to track down the attacker while Xavier and Cyclops will visit Magneto for further inquiry.

Before Jean can leave, Wolverine returns, re-igniting the casual animosity between Cyclops and Wolverine as Wolverine does very little to hide the attraction to Jean, who appears somewhat conflicted, though she once more stays with Cyclops before leaving the mansion with Storm. Jean and Storm track down the mutant Nightcrawler in an old church, and Jean confidently freezes Nightcrawler from teleporting with her telekinesis. She and Storm discover that the deeply religious Nightcrawler has no idea why the teleporter attacked the President and may have been under the influence of some sort of mind control. They bring Nightcrawler with them as they plan to return to the mansion. While they are flying home, the mansion is attacked by William Stryker's troops, and Jean is contacted by Wolverine to come get himself, Rogue, Iceman and Pyro. When the Blackbird (the X-Men's jet) leaves the scene, the police call the Air Force pursuing the fleeing X-Men. Storm summons fierce tornadoes to eliminate the threat, destroying both pursuing planes, but not before one plane manages to fire two tracker missiles. Storm is unable to destroy them and Jean desperately taps into her fluctuating power. Her eyes glimmer fiercely with a red fire and she improbably completely destroys one of the missiles before she loses control of her power and cannot stop the second missile from hitting the plane.

The X-Men are saved by Magneto and repairs the Blackbird with his own magnetic powers and safely lands the jet. Magneto and Mystique reveal that Stryker hates all mutants and has hijacked Xavier and Cerebro to have Xavier use Cerebro to concentrate the full force of telepathy on mutants, killing them all. Magneto goes on to say that Nightcrawler's mind must be tapped to find Stryker's base. Jean uses her telepathy to break through the mind control barriers in Nightcrawler's memory; while she does so, strangely, the campfire next to her flares several feet high before she releases her power, having found Stryker's base in an underground complex at Alkali Lake. Working on fixing the Blackbird later, Jean is confronted by Wolverine and confesses she didn't know where the power she used came from, and that it has taken a lot out of her. Wolverine and Jean share a tender moment and finally a kiss, but Jean firmly rebukes Wolverine and chooses her relationship with Cyclops over her attraction to Wolverine, walking away. The X-Men form a strike force and invade Stryker's base, with Jean using her telekinesis with impunity to dispatch Stryker's troops. The X-Men split up, with Wolverine going directly after Stryker to confront the man about his involvement in Wolverine's mysterious past, Storm and Nightcrawler going after the children from the mansion who were captured, and Jean staying with Magneto and Mystique to find the new Cerebro and shut it down. While the three hunt for the machine, Jean senses danger and telekinetically shoves the two out of the way of Cyclops under the control of Stryker, and is blasting optic blasts at the trio. Jean takes on Cyclops alone, using her powers to throw Cyclops yards away, something she had never been able to do before. In the basement of the complex, the two go head to head, and Cyclops unleashes the full power of his own optic blasts on her, something Jean had once noted could cut through a mountain. Impossibly, she is able to completely shield herself from his attack; her eyes once more burn with dangerous, red fire and a visible aura of power surrounds her as she turns Cyclops' attack on himself and unleashes an explosion of power that cracks the very foundation of the dam they are under, sending both Mutants flying in opposite directions. Cyclops, now once more under his own control, finds Jean has broken her leg in the blast and helps her to her feet. Right before Xavier, under Stryker's influence, unleashes the power of Cerebro, Jean is able to sense that the X-Men are too late. The X-Men and mutants worldwide start to come under psychic attack, but Magneto and Mystique turn the tables and reconfigure Cerebro and confuse Xavier into attacking humans instead of mutants. The X-Men are able to reach Xavier and defeat the mutant behind this.

The explosion of power initiated by Jean and Cyclops has had an incredibly devastating impact, however; the dam is ruptured and Alkali Lake will soon drown the structure and the land around it. After Rogue manages to pilot the Blackbird to a crash-landing at the X-Men's feet, the group boards the plane, desperately trying to fix it and escape the onslaught of water that will destroy the Alkali Lake site while Jean stands back from everyone, a look of complete and utter calm overtaking her, before she smiles sadly and limps off the plane. Jean, injured and alone, stands between the Blackbird and the oncoming wave of destruction. Xavier notices Jean's absence and Cyclops races for the exit; Jean slams shut all doors and seals them before taking psychic control of the Blackbird and repairing the damage to the ship, while simultaneously psychically blocking Nightcrawler's powers to not teleport and get her to safety. The X-Men stare in shock at the situation outside of the X-Jet as Jean, once the weakest of the team, throws up her hand and telekinetically blocks the wall of water from hitting the Blackbird, creating a circle of safety for her friends and loved ones while she repairs the jet. While maintaining this feat, she furthermore psychically takes control of Xavier's mind and body for a brief moment to tell Cyclops and the X-Men "goodbye". As the Blackbird rises triumphantly into the air, a determined Jean confidently turns toward the water, her eyes burning with red flame and psychic flames erupting all over her body, a look of complete peace and triumph on her face, before she finally lets go and allows the water to crush her, vanishing under the onslaught and sacrificing her life for the X-Men. The X-Men struggle to let go and move past her death - Cyclops more so. But Xavier said that Jean made a choice. Logan tells Cyclops that "she did make a choice" and that it was her love for Cyclops. Jean's voice narrates that mutation is the key to human evolution while an enormous firebird flies somewhat ominously deep underneath the surface of Alkali Lake.

X-Men: The Last Stand[edit]

Famke Janssen as Jean Grey / Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Jean appeared as the secondary antagonist of the film.

Twenty years previously, Professor Xavier and Magneto, still friends, enter a home to find the young Jean (played by Haley Ramm). She acts differently from other children and makes her own parents markedly nervous. When the two ask to be alone with Jean, Xavier reveals sensing she is reading both of their thoughts without difficulty. Jean casually tells the two that she doubts they are anything like her and, while reading their minds and communicating telepathically, telekinetically lifts several cars and a lawnmower into the air while also reversing the flow of gravity and making her neighbor's water hose flow up rather than down. Magneto marvels at the display, but Xavier firmly rebukes Jean and asks her whether she will control her power or let her power control her.

Presently, the X-Men are still struggling with Jean's apparent death several months previously. When Wolverine returns to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters after another absence, Wolverine and Storm are forced to take control of training the X-Men as Scott Summers has descended into a complete depression and will not participate. Professor Xavier offers the role of leadership to Storm, noting that Cyclops is a "changed man" and that because he's clearly taken Jean's death so hard, it is unwise to continue thinking that Scott can still be counted upon. In fact, Scott is being haunted by dreams of Jean being crushed by the water of Alkali Lake, hearing her voice calling for Scott over and over. When it grows to be too much, Scott leaves the mansion just as it is announced that a major pharmaceutical company has developed a way to suppress the mutant "X-gene" permanently, being touted as a "cure" for mutants, which immediately and dangerously divides the mutant community. Scott travels alone to the site of Jean's death. On a promontory over the lake, Scott begs for Jean to stop haunting but hears her voice calling once more. Losing control, Scott blasts the full force of his optic beams into the water. A massive whirlpool forms before blast of pure energy knocks Scott off the ground before an overwhelming radiance emerges from the waters; Scott stares, stunned, as the light recedes to show Jean, alive, standing before Scott. They embrace, though Jean herself is unmistakably different, appearing both confused and yet completely at ease. Her hair is now a deep red, and is much longer than it has been in past films, now falling to well below her chest. After sharing a kiss, Jean removes Scott's ruby quartz glasses, the only thing holding his power in check. Assuring Scott that she can control it, Scott hesitantly opens his own eyes and is shocked that Jean has telepathically "fixed" Scott's inability to control his own powers. Overjoyed, they kiss once more, though as the kiss deepens Jean's eyes open and darken before Scott's skin begins to ripple, and an enormous, psychic-echo blast hits not only the Professor but the entire school as well. Xavier, fearing the worst, demands that Storm and Wolverine get to Alkali Lake to investigate immediately.

With the entire area is blanketed with a thick, unnatural fog, Storm and Wolverine both sense something indefinably wrong; Storm uses her own powers to clear the fog while Wolverine notices Scott's glasses floating in the air and quietly pockets them then hearing Ororo's scream runs to her side, as Storm has unexpectedly found Jean alive and unconscious. Wolverine and Storm meet with Xavier in the hospital wing of the mansion, where Jean lies unconscious as Xavier telepathically probes her mind. She somehow managed to wrap herself in a cocoon of telekinetic energy to heal herself until she could reawaken. When Wolverine demands to know what is going on, Xavier hesitantly reveals his own role in Jean's past. Jean is the only "Class 5" Mutant the Professor has ever encountered, her potential practically limitless. When Jean was a young girl, Professor Xavier discovered that Jean's power was tied to her subconscious, rather than her primary, thinking mind. This means that her most primal, animalistic self is tied to her incredible power. Fearing a total loss of control, Xavier placed psychic blocks in various areas all around Jean's mind, allowing her to access her powers only gradually, a little at a time, as she grew older and demonstrated the capacity to be able to maturely handle her power. When Jean accessed Cerebro some years before, it ripped through a great many of the psychic barriers Xavier had placed within her mind, explaining the explosive power fluctuations both en route to and while at Alkali Lake, ultimately leading to her supposed "death". Xavier further revealed that Jean's mind dangerously split itself under his influence, with her primal subconscious taking on a full personality that came to refer to itself as the "Phoenix", a purely instinctual creature that is the full expression of Jean's power. Xavier explains that the Phoenix is incredibly dangerous and must be controlled, referring to this as caging the beast, which leads Wolverine to snap at the ethical implications of what Xavier had done and what was still done to Jean's mind. Xavier defends himself by saying he'd chosen the lesser of two evils, implicating that the consideration of killing Jean to protect the world from the Phoenix, saying they had no idea what she was capable of. Wolverine responds that Xavier had taken away Jean's choice in her life and that he'd had no idea what the Professor was capable of. Xavier largely ignores this and continues to work on Jean's mind.

As Magneto begins to stir up a war between mutants and humans over the "cure", Wolverine finds himself alone with Jean in the hospital room. She wakes suddenly and is strangely different, acknowledging for the first time her own attraction to Wolverine. Becoming sexually aggressive, she and Wolverine begin to kiss and move toward initiating sex, with Jean even wounding Wolverine with her powers to bring Logan closer. This serves to warn Wolverine that something is wrong, and Logan stops despite Jean's protest. When Wolverine mentions that Xavier had said Jean might be different, her entire demeanor instantly changes to confrontational and angry. Realizing that he is dealing with the Phoenix, Wolverine demands to know what happened to Scott. This upsets Phoenix, and when Wolverine shows her Cyclops' glasses, Jean emerges, confused and terrified, before she confesses that she did indeed murder Scott. Stunned, Wolverine tries to calm her down as her powers begin to destroy the hospital wing around them, Jean unable to control her impulses. She tearfully begs Logan to kill her before she kills another person. Logan refuses, reassuring her that she'll be alright if she lets Charles help her. But the Phoenix, enraged, blasts Wolverine into the wall hard enough to break the wall and exits the room, disintegrating and blasting the heavy metal doors out of her way. When Xavier and Storm find Wolverine, he tells them that Scott is dead, which shocks Storm but seems to confirm Xavier's fears. Despite Phoenix trying to block him out, Xavier manages to locate her. Meanwhile, one of Magneto's new followers who can sense mutant powers tells Magneto that a Class 5 mutant, more powerful than anything ever sensed, has come into being. Understanding immediately, Magneto demands to know where she is.

At Jean's childhood home, the Brotherhood and the X-Men stand guard and face down one another's respective teams while Xavier and Magneto enter the house, which now shows the unmistakable, psychokinetic signs of Phoenix's presence. Xavier tries to reason with her, trying to bring Jean out again, but Magneto encourages the Phoenix's anger, confusing her and frustrating her as more begins to telekinetically go wrong around her. When Xavier demands that she face her guilt at murdering Scott, Phoenix loses control completely and begins to psychically duel with Xavier. Her long, dark-red curls gradually turn into long, fiery orange waves as her skin darkens and the pupils of her eyes expand slightly, darkening to black with rings of golden fire within each iris. As the X-Men and Brotherhood fight around them, Phoenix gains the upper hand, telekinetically overwhelming Xavier and lifting both him and the entire house from the ground. Wolverine and Magneto stare in shock as Xavier begs Jean not to let her power control her, before Phoenix, raising her arms as though she were a bird in flight, utterly obliterates him. When she realizes what she's done, she sits on the ground and stares in confusion and sadness like a child at the empty wheelchair, before leaving with Magneto. As the X-Men mourn Xavier and Scott, Wolverine refuses to accept that Jean is completely lost, especially when she psychically calls for his help from Magneto's campground. Wolverine goes to find her despite Storm's angry dissuasion. In the encampment, Magneto further encourages the Phoenix, referring to her as a goddess. Phoenix cruelly dismantles a gun holding needles filled with the "cure" and threatens Magneto with them, comparing him to Xavier as she notes that he just wants something from her too. Magneto insists he just wants her to be as "nature intended"; free. When Wolverine enters the campground, he and Phoenix meet in the woods, though she does not say a word, not even to warn him that Magneto is approaching. Magneto blasts Wolverine away as she watches.

When the Brotherhood of Mutants and their army marches on Alcatraz Island, where the "cure" is being produced, Phoenix goes with them. When the X-Men join the battle, Phoenix watches, conflicted, but takes no part in the battle. After Magneto is injected with the "cure" and finally defeated, the X-Men hesitantly approach Phoenix, whose eyes fill with tears, before government troops fire on her as an enemy. Phoenix protects herself and sends a desperate look to Wolverine, who understands what she wants as she flies into the air and begins to tear the world apart, disintegrating the Blackbird, the labs, and all humans and mutants left on the island as the ocean begins to rise into the air around her. Wolverine approaches, as he heals too fast for her to disintegrate him. Phoenix strikes him again and again, but he finally reaches her, and she demands to know why he would die to reach her. He simply answers, "For you, Jean". This final plea reaches the true "Jean Grey", and she fights through the Phoenix just long enough to ask for Wolverine to save her. Wolverine declares his love for Jean, then unwillingly stabs her through the heart with his claws. In her final moment, Jean smiles, the same look of calm on her face that had overtaken her before she sacrificed herself to save her friends many, many months before, and as she truly dies in Wolverine's arms, the ocean waters that her telekinetic powers had raised sky-high earlier now begin to fall as a healing rain upon the fiery destruction around them. Some time afterwards, she is buried next to Scott, as simply "Jean Grey", and her grave is later seen next to Xavier's monument in the garden at the mansion.

The Wolverine[edit]

In The Wolverine, Wolverine has withdrawn completely from the world, haunted by dreams of Jean Grey alternately forcing Logan to relive killing her while at the same time also wanting Logan to join her in death. When Wolverine is forced back into the world and is given a chance to give up immortality by relinquishing his own healing powers, Jean urges Logan in these various dreams to give in and rest. As Wolverine comes to see that Jean in these dreams represents his own inability to let go of the past and move on, Logan finally tells Jean that she was hurting people and needed to be stopped. Jean smiles and walks out of Wolverine's dream, vanishing into a bright light, the film's live-action adaptation of the White-Hot Room, signalling that Logan accepted that she's passed on, perhaps to a better place, allowing Wolverine himself to move on. It is never said but it is strongly implied that despite having even longer, auburn-brown hair, even in hallucinogenic form, this Jean is as she was in X-Men : The Last Stand : The Phoenix.

X-Men: Days of Future Past[edit]

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the time-displaced Wolverine encourages the young Charles Xavier to later recruit Jean Grey for the future team, along with Ororo Munroe and Scott Summers, arguing that the good they accomplished outweighs the bad they experienced. Commentary in the film confirms that the young red-haired girl's identity in the field who was marveling at Magneto levitating the Robert F. Kennedy stadium was in fact Jean Grey as a young child. When the timeline resets, Logan is astonished to discover that Jean and Cyclops are alive and well in the new timeline, suggesting that the events of the original X-Men films played out very differently.[1]

Sophie Turner portrays Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016).

X-Men: Apocalypse[edit]

A younger version of Jean, alongside teenage versions of Scott and Ororo, appears in X-Men: Apocalypse.[2] Now green-eyed with long, loosely curled orange hair, this new variation of Jean had been located and enrolled sometime prior to the movie, as she, now in her mid-teens, is introduced as already being a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. When Alex Summers brings his younger brother to the school after his own optic laser blasts powers had manifested, Scott bumped into Jean, as he couldn't see due to being blindfolded. Jean drops the many books, binders, and papers she held, but instantly we watch as this new incarnation of Jean telekinetically pulls them back into her hands, exhibiting seemingly little effort, which seems to imply that the Professor has left her mind unbarred. She gets mad at this, but apologizes as Scott explains he can't exactly look where he's going. Later, Jean is studying by a tree when Scott attempts to talk to her. Seeing the other students show fear, Jean explains that they're afraid of her because they are aware of her full powers, and therefore is treated as an outcast. Jean is affected by the energy wave released by an ancient, god-like mutant who had awakened that day. This causes Jean to have a nightmare of the world ending during which the entire school shakes, most of the students are awoken from sleep, and the Professor hurries to her room to find that her telekinetic powers, already immensely strong, are quite literally burning the walls of her room. Telepathically reaching into Jean's mind to awaken her - an act that causes Charles a sizeable amount of pain - the wooden walls cease to burn and to emit smoke, and the Professor slumps back, substantially exhausted now. The powerful young psychic is reassured by Xavier that she is not losing control of her powers, despite her doubts. When the mansion is destroyed, she comforts Scott over the loss of his own brother and conceals herself, Scott, and Nightcrawler from Stryker's men. While in Stryker's base, she connects with Weapon X (Wolverine), and releases him from his cell. Before he, fearfully, leaves the complex Jean restores the few remaining memories of his that she can. She then joins the fight in Cairo. She telekinetically protects the group from Angel's metal wings. After Xavier is saved, he mentally links with her and reveals to Apocalypse that he is not the most powerful psychic, and convinces Jean to unleash the full extent of her powers. Her eyes glowing with an orangey-golden light, the powerful young Mutant's walks through midair and within a matter of seconds, a massive burst of telekinetic energy explodes outward from within Jean's body, almost instantaneously taking the shape of a great, fiery bird. With a single powerful scream that is as much verbal as it is mental, Jean Grey incinerates Apocalypse and helps to psychically restore and revive Professor Xavier. She is last seen helping to re-build the mansion, alongside Erik Lensherr, before joining Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, under the leadership of Hank and Raven, to become the new official team of X-Men and preparing to test her powers in her very first Danger Room session against a group of Mark I Sentinels.


  • In the 2017 film Logan, Jean Grey appears in the fictional X-Men comic owned by Laura, as illustrated for the film by Dan Panosian.[3]

Video games[edit]

X-Men games[edit]

Other Marvel games[edit]

  • Jean Grey appears as a playable character in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, voiced by Tara Strong. Her Marvel Girl persona possesses Telepathic and Telekinetic Powers which are pink in color and has the ability to fly. Her Phoenix design (the green and gold costume, the Dark Phoenix costume and the White Phoenix costume) has powers that include shooting fireballs, firebirds, fire jets, healing and the ability to fly.
  • Jean Grey is briefly mentioned by Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Edge of Time.
  • Jean Grey (as Phoenix) appears as a playable character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Her moveset includes Psi-blast, Telekinesis, Mind Link and Phoenix Fire which are continuously obtained at the beginning, level 2, level 6, and finally level 9.
  • Jean Grey (as Phoenix) appears as a playable character in the 2012 fighting game Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, voiced by Laura Bailey.
  • Jean Grey is a playable character in the MMORPG Marvel Heroes, voiced by April Stewart.[4][5]
  • Jean Grey is a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Laura Bailey. Her alternate outfits are a 90s variant, Phoenix variant and a PS3/360 Pre-Order Exclusive Dark Phoenix Variant.
  • Two versions of Jean Grey are available as playable characters in the match-three mobile game Marvel Puzzle Quest. The time-shifted younger version from All-New X-Men was added to the game in July 2015[6] and the rarer Phoenix version became available in November 2015.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance[edit]

Phoenix appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, voiced by Sarah Waits. She is a NPC for the PS2, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PSP versions, and is a striker character in the Game Boy Advance version. In the PC and next-gen console versions, she is initially kidnapped by Arcade putting her under mind control and forces her to battle the player's team. After she is rescued, she assists the player's mission to rescue Nightcrawler from Mephisto's realm, only to be captured by Blackheart in the process. After defeating Blackheart, the player has the choice to save either Jean or Nightcrawler, since saving one results in the other's death. If Nightcrawler was rescued, then Jean will be resurrected by Mephisto (this will occur during the game). After you defeat Phoenix during the fight against Mephisto, Jean Grey-Summers dismisses herself as an echo of her past self and sacrifices her life to defeat Mephisto. In the end of the game, it is revealed if the player let Jean die, she will return as the Dark Phoenix and exact her revenge on those who did not save her. On a side note, she has special dialogue with Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Invisible Woman, and Cyclops. On the game's PC Version, Jean is available as a playable Mod character from Marvel Mods. There are several versions of Jean which give her different powersets. These include powersets from the 1990s, Morrison's Run, current Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, and Goblin Queen. She also has powersets based on her XML2 and MUA2 (both the Xbox 360/PS3 and the PSP/PS2/WII) versions. She has many costumes including all her Phoenix costumes, Marvel Girl, Original X-Men, First Class, Black Queen, Maddie Pryor, AOA, Ultimate, 1990s, Here Comes Tomorrow, New X-Men, Evolution, Movie, X-Factor, as well as many custom costumes. On PC mod patch provided by Marvel Mods that both Jean Grey and Nightcrawler can be saved from the Void by a telekinetic user (mainly Magneto by default), then both Jean and Nightcrawler manage to catch up with their four allies, whose having a trouble defeating Mephisto due to his realm is a source of his unlimited power, leaving Jean, whose Phoenix Force can match Mephisto's power finishes the demon lord for good, and with the two X-Men are finally returned safely.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2[edit]

Jean Grey appears as a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, voiced by Molly Hagan. She can be unlocked by collecting 5 shards of the M'Kraan Crystal. Her default costume is her Phoenix costume. She uses telepathy, telekinesis, and the power of the Phoenix. Jean's alternate costume is her X-Men: First Class costume and she fits in the X-Men, Masters of Energy, Repentant Killers, Natural Leaders, and Femme Fatales team bonuses. Since she is a playable character in this game, her fate in the first game is non-canon. In the game she has a special conversation with Cable, however this conversation is only available if you pick Anti-Registration in the game, it deals on their family relationship and the status on the Civil War. Jean also has the unique ability to possibly resurrect herself from the dead in both versions of the game. In game, whenever Jean picks up an object the object hovers, giving the effect that Jean is holding the object with her tk. During her block, whenever she is hit by a projectile a telekinetic shield is partially visible. There is quite a difference in the PS2/PSP/Wii version of her and her Xbox 360/PS3 version. In the former, Jean's telekinesis and telepathy is in the form of her pink energy signature, along with some fiery powers, and most of the animations are completely from X-Men Legends II. She also harnesses the signature Phoenix raptor during fusions. In the latter version, all of Jean's powers are fiery energy, including her telekinesis and telepathy. No Phoenix Raptor is in this version of her. Jean is not playable in the DS Version. Jean also appears on the back of the MUA2 cover for all versions. For some reason on the back of the cover she possess the fiery mane type of hair that she had under the artistic work of Phil Jimenez and Greg Land, but in the actual game she has straight hair.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds[edit]

Jean Grey-Summers (under the name of "Phoenix") appears in the crossover fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as a playable character, voiced once again by Jennifer Hale. She is widely considered to be one of, if not, the most powerful character in the game winning many major tournaments and being played by many high level players. She has the lowest vitality of any character in the game, a little less than half of the next lowest health characters, but compensates for this by having tremendous damage output. She can teleport at distances, use telekinesis for her throw attacks, and heal her red-damage life bar with Healing Field Level 1 hyper (by getting close to enemies). Her main projectile attack is TK Shot, a cosmic fireball that varies in speed depending on the button pressed. Her one and only offensive Hyper Combo is Phoenix Rage, where she shoots a huge cosmic Phoenix raptor at her enemy, heavily burning enemy at contact. If her lifebar is emptied with the Hyper Combo gauge at maximum (5), she will transform into Dark Phoenix. Although her health is completely restored upon turning into the Dark Phoenix, her life bar depletes at a steady rate. However, her attacks become more powerful, shoots out small projectile fire feathers with normal attacks, and the Hyper Combo gauge refills at a faster rate than normal.[7] Phoenix sports four alternate color schemes based on her classic look, her early 1990s appearance drawn by Jim Lee, which shares similarities with her appearance in Chris Claremont's X-Men Forever, and her costumes from Greg Pak's X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong and Grant Morrison's New X-Men.[8]

Phoenix has two additional colours as well as a DLC costume in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The DLC costume is available in The Dead Rising Pack and it is her 1990s Jim Lee look. The pack was released on the 22nd of November 2011 and was the first pack to be released. The pack also contains additional costumes for Ghost Rider, Frank West and Nemesis. In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Phoenix has been toned down to reduce overall character use, but can still be very destructive in the right hands. Mods for the PC version of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 have allowed for Jean to have more health in the game, with some modders giving Jean the highest health in the game. Although making her incredibly unbalanced, players are unable to play online with her this way and as a result, must play offline with her.


Jean Grey-Summers has appeared in several X-Men toy lines, including the popular Marvel Legends line. Her first figure appeared within the Shi'ar assortment of X-Men figures, with her wearing her green Phoenix costume and included an electronic light up hair and eyes feature. Eventually a Jean in her 1990s outfit was offered as part of an exclusive line called She-Force (Subsequently, the figure was only a repaint of a previous figure). Later, she was a part of the Onslaught assortment, this time wearing he blue and yellow costume that she wore for most of the 1990s, which was oddly preposed with very little articulation. Following this figure, she was a part of the X-Men Space Riders assortment, wearing a variation of her 1990s costume that also included added space suit parts. After this, a better looking, more articulated version of Jean in her 1990s outfit was designed and shown at Toyfair. Unfortunately, the line had later been canceled and the figure never saw release.

In Marvel Legends series 6, she appeared in her Phoenix (green) costume, with a Dark Phoenix variant. The Phoenix figure was later re-released as part of the X-Men Classics Line. A figure of Jean Grey from X-Men: The Last Stand was released in the second series of Marvel Legends from Hasbro with a Dark Phoenix variant as well.[9]

A Phoenix figurine has also been released as part of the "Superhero Squad" line of non-articulated figurines. These small scale figurines depict famous Superheroes in "kiddie" variations. Phoenix is released as a two-pack with the brown and orange costumed Wolverine. A Dark Phoenix variant has also been released as a Toys 'R' Us exclusive boxset.

A Phoenix toy was created based on the first X-Men movie. Three different variants were released. The first had her with an open top, no bra, and her hair down. The second had a redesigned head with her hair tied back, and a bra painted on underneath her open top. The third had the same tied back hair do, but the chest was redone and closed up, making it the most accurate of the three variations.

A Jean Grey-Summers figure was also created as part of Toy Biz's Famous Covers assortment. The figure depicted her in her blue and yellow 1990s outfit.

Jean Grey is the eleventh figurine in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.


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