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Imre Hajdú (Hungarian: [ˈimrɛ ˈhɒjduː]; 26 January 1910 or 1911[1] in Budapest, Hungary - 21 October 1989 in Paris, France) better known by his stage name Jean Image[needs IPA] was a Hungarian-French director, script writer and producer of French animation films. The stage name, "Image" is based upon the French pronunciation of "Im-Haj", the first syllables of his name.[2] He emigrated to France in 1932 where he worked on films and eventually produced several shorts on his own. After the war, influenced by the classic style of Walt Disney's films, he became the first French producer of the full-length animated film (Johnny the Giant Killer). In 1948, he founded the Films Jean Image company and in 1960 he devoted himself to producing television cartoon series. Two of these series (Kiri le Clown and Joe), have become very popular.

Jean Image was also the author of a book on animation titled "Le Dessin animé : initiation à la technique" (1979).



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