Jean J. Beaufort

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Jean J. Beaufort
Civil War era Medal of Honor
Born 1832
Died September 15, 1897 (aged 64–65)
Place of burial Arlington National Cemetery
Rank Corporal
Unit 2nd Louisiana Regiment Infantry
Awards Medal of Honor

Jean Joseph Beaufort, (1832 - September 15, 1897) known also as John Joseph Beaufort, was a French-born corporal in the Union Army who was awarded a Medal of Honor for heroic actions during the American Civil War.

Early life[edit]

Beaufort was born in 1832 in France.[1][2] He later immigrated to the United States.

Later life[edit]

Beaufort was living in New Orleans, Louisiana when the Civil War broke out. After the Union captured New Orleans, Beaufort volunteered for service in the Union army, joining the 2nd Louisiana Regiment Infantry at around May 20, 1863.[3]

When the 2nd Louisiana Infantry approached Port Hudson, Beaufort volunteered to take a party of eight people behind enemy lines to destroy a signal station; he succeeded, giving the Union a key advantage in the impending Siege of Port Hudson.[2]

Thirty four years later, Beaufort was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading the assault on the signal station. He died some two months later on September 15, 1897, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.[4]

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