Jean Karat

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Jean Karat
Jean Karat.jpg
Background information
Born 1949
Qamishli, Syria
Died (2003-12-07)December 7, 2003
Genres Syriac, Arabic
Years active 1970-2003

Jean Karat (Syriac: ܓܐܢ ܟܐܪܐܬ‎) was an Syriac singer born on 1949 in Qamishli, Syria. He rose among the second generation of Syriac singers there. He lived in Qamishli his whole life until his death in 2003. He is known as one of the most famous singers among the Syriac of Syria, and has written many famous songs such as Sawkakh Komo, Hol Ema and Mdalaleti. His songs were in both Syriac and Arabic.[1]

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