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Jean LaFoote is a fictional pirate character from the Cap'n Crunch breakfast cereal's character set. The character's name is wordplay on that of the historical pirate, Jean Lafitte.[1]

When Cap'n Crunch cereal's television commercials debuted, they featured four children named Alfie, Brunhilde, Carlyle and Dave and their dog named Seadog, who sailed with Cap'n Crunch on his ship, The Good Ship Guppy. They continually encounter the Cap'n's nemesis, Jean LaFoote, the "barefoot pirate." LaFoote was originally voiced by Bill Scott.

The Cap'n Crunch cereal boxes contained small comic books featuring these characters. In a recent ad, Jean LaFoote returns, this time trying to steal the Captain's cereal recipe.

In the mid-1970s, he was the primary mascot for Cinnamon Crunch cereal.[1]

Like most of the cast of the original commercials Jean LaFoote has returned in the online Cap'n Crunch animated talk show series.

Personal statistics[edit]

In 2010, Quaker Oats issued Official Cap'n Crunch limited edition cards on the backside of many Cap'n Crunch cereal packages. While not definitive, the profiles on these cards is descriptive of the current iteration of the characters. LaFoote's profile was as follows:

Height : 5'5
Weight : 135 LBS.
Greatest adventures : Trying to make my own Crunch; Trying to get Crunch; Eating Crunch
Clothing: Pirate's hat, red shirt, mustache, blue shorts, no shoes & socks

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