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Jean Louis Émile Boudier was a pharmacist who lived in Montmorency, France. He published a fair amount about the Discomycetes and other areas of mycology. He often used Émile as his first name.

He named several species including Amanita franchetii, Disciotis venosa, Ptychoverpa bohemica, and Trichoglossum hirsutum.

Selected publications[edit]

  • 1897: “Révision analytique des morilles de France” (Taxonomic revision of the morels of France)
  • 1901: “Influence de la nature du sol et les vegetaux qui y croissant sur le développement des champignons” (The influence of the nature of the soil and the plants growing in the area on the development of fungi)
  • 1904-1909 “Icones mycologicae ou iconographie des champignons de France, principalement Discomycètes” (Mycological Pictures or iconography of the mushrooms of France, especially the 454,Discomycetes)
  • 1907 “Histoire et classification des Discomycètes d'Europe”
  • 1911 “La fresque de Plaincourault (Indre)” (The fresco of Plaincourault (Indre))

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