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Jean Moorcroft Wilson (born 3 October 1941) is a British academic and writer, best known as a biographer and critic of First World War poets and poetry.[1]

A lecturer in English at Birkbeck, University of London, she has written a two-volume biography of Siegfried Sassoon,[2] as well as works on Virginia Woolf, Charles Sorley, Robert Graves, Isaac Rosenberg[3] and William Watson. Her husband was the publisher Cecil Woolf (died 10 June 2019).[4]


  • I Was an English Poet: Biography of Sir William Watson (1981)
  • Virginia Woolf, Life and London: A Biography of Place (1988)
  • Leonard Woolf: Pivot or outsider of Bloomsbury (1994)
  • Virginia Woolf's London (2000)
  • The Selected Poems of Isaac Rosenberg (editor) (2003)
  • Siegfried Sassoon: The Making of a War Poet, A Biography (1886-1918) (1999)
  • Siegfried Sassoon: The Journey from the Trenches 1918-1967 (2004)
  • Isaac Rosenberg (2008)
  • Siegfried Sassoon: Soldier, Poet, Lover, Friend (2014)
  • Edward Thomas: from Adlestrop to Arras: A Biography (2015)
  • Robert Graves: From Great War Poet to Good-bye to All That (1895-1929) (2018)


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