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Jean Prodromidès (3 July 1927 – 17 March 2016) was a French Composer. Jean Prodromides was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1927 in a music-loving family. His father, of Greek origin, had a pianola by which he became familiar with works of Beethoven and Wagner.[1] He composed for films such as Maigret et l'Affaire Saint-Fiacre (fr) and Danton. Prodromidés was elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1990 to Henry Sauguet's seat; Prodromidés was also president of the Academy and the Institut de France in 2005.[2]

Selected filmography[edit]

1956 : Les biens de ce monde

1959 : Archimède le clochard

1960 : The Baron of the Locks (Le Baron de l'écluse the original French title)

1960 : Le Voyage en ballon (a.k.a. Stowaway in the Sky)

1960 : Blood and Roses (a.k.a. To Die with Pleasure and Et mourir de plaisir in French)

1967 : Pillaged (Mise à sac d'Alain Cavalier in French)

1983 : Danton (Danton d'Andrzej Wajda original French Title)


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Prodromides' complete landmark score, Le Voyage en ballon, has been released on CD by Disques Cinémusique in 2009. More information here.

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