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Jean Proriol (born November 25, 1934) is a French politician of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), currently serving in the National Assembly from the second district of Haute-Loire[1] (Le Puy-Brioude).[2]

Proriol was born in Beauzac, Haute-Loire. He has been the Mayor of Beauzac since October 1962,[1][2] and has been President of the Departmental Association of Mayors of Haute-Loire since 1979.[2] He also became a member of the General Council of Haute-Loire in October 1962, where he served until March 1992; from March 1985 to March 1992, he was Vice-President of the General Council.[1]

From October 1974 to March 1978, Proriol was a member of the French Senatefrom Haute-Loire.[1][2][3] In the March 1978 legislative election, he was elected to the National Assembly, and he has been re-elected in every election since then.[1][2] He was Secretary of the National Assembly from April 1993 to April 1997 and from June 2002 to June 2007.[1]

He has been a member of the Regional Council of Auvergne since March 1992.[1][2] He was previously Vice-President of the Regional Council from March 1986 to June 1988,[1] and he was First Vice-President in charge of economic development from March 1992 to March 2004.[2]