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Jean Résal was a chief engineer of bridges. He was born October 22, 1854 in Besançon, who died in 1919. He is regarded as the greatest designer of metal bridges in the late nineteenth century.

Professor of mechanical engineering at the École polytechnique, he is the designer of several metal bridges in France:

  • Nantes Résal Bridge (rail), destroyed during the Second World War, rebuilt in concrete
  • Road bridge over the Erdre (Nantes), appointed first bridge Barbin, then Pont du General de la Motte Rouge.
  • Mirabeau bridge in Paris (road bridge, 93 m range)
  • Alexandre-III Bridge (Paris) (highway bridge, 107 m range)
  • Bercy bridge (Paris)
  • Gateway Debilly (Paris)
  • Bridge of Notre-Dame (Paris)